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Southern California is no stranger to illegal street racing and the potentially fatal consequences that could (and often do) follow. In fact, last July we reported on a horrific crash in San Diego’s “College Area” involving an unfortunate Z06 and a fire hydrant in which the C5 ended up completely on its back.

San Diego residents who witnessed the crash gave epic account of how a street race ended in a frenzy of toppled-over hydrants and scattered rocks, but the fact that such chaos was the direct or indirect result of street racing seemed to be everyone’s biggest preoccupation.

Here in Los Angeles, street racing is as prevalent as it is anywhere on the West Coast, probably even more so as such attractions as the Petersen Automotive Museum and our annual International Auto Show have caused the City of Angels to be heralded as one of America’s most car-crazed cities.

And if you think that LA’s street race scene will be dissolving anytime soon, then think again as you watch our featured video of a crash between a C4 and an SUV on the city’s own Washington Boulevard near Soto Street.

The crash, which several witnesses believe resulted from an earlier street race, occurred around 12:30 AM on Monday and both cars were engulfed in flames by the time authorities arrived on the scene.

Police also believe that a street race led to the incident, and one of the vehicles was reported as stolen. Both drivers involved fled before authorities arrived, and so far no related injuries have been reported.

Some Vette owners have been known in the past to do some pretty stupid things, even video taping themselves speeding in broad daylight. But no matter how many times we may say it, some people just never learn!