San Diego, California’s ABC10 and area reporter, Preston Phillips have reported that a man in what is known as the city’s “College Area” has crashed what later appeared to be a nitrous-shot, C5 Z06,  in a turbulent crash that knocked over a fire hydrant and left rocks and debris scattered on the corner of Carrol Street and College Way.

The man driving the ‘Vette told the San Diego media that he was “not driving that fast,” but several of the College Area’s residents who witnessed the crash believed that street racing definitely had to be involved.

San Diego local Michelle Connolly describes her perspective of the horrific crash that left a perfectly-good Z06 lying on its back; “I was crossing the street going to the shopping center, and the car started screeching down in the right-hand lane and it looked like he was gonna turn… he missed it, hit the fire hydrant, [there was a] big crash…”

Other residents besides Connolly also got to witness the motoring mishap that was the cause of so much damaged property, “I heard it from a distance and I said, “WOW!” exclaimed one resident.

But Michelle Connolly’s only concern was that both the driver and passenger made it out okay. “I was hoping that the person or the people that were in there were okay, because it was a huge crash.”

Much to the surprise of San Diego locals and ABC10, both the driver and passenger of the C5 managed to crawl their way out of the car, though the unnamed passenger was transported to a nearby hospital via ambulance with what Preston Phillips describes as “unknown injuries.”

Needless to say, the College Area crash was one that resulted in a great amount of property damage and the spectacle of sightseeing that followed, but it also serves as a reminder of what can happen when messing around on public streets.