Video: Man Surprises Underwhelmed Girlfriend With 2014 Corvette

Unveiled back in January, GM has been taking orders for the 2014 Corvette Stingray for months, and there is now a substantial backlog of people waiting to get a C7 in their driveway. But the early bird gets the worm as they say, and for those who placed their orders early their dream car is finally arriving. But not everyone bought a new Corvette for themselves.

One fellow went all-out for his girlfriend, buying her a “murdered-out” 2014 Corvette loaded with the range-topping 3LT and Z51 Performance Package. That’s easily a $75,000 car at MSRP, and with all the reports of dealer profiteering going on, it may have cost even more.

So one would think the lady might be a little more excited to receive her new ride, but instead she seems to be a more-reserved, lost-for-words type. Make no mistake though, she is all smiles, and rightly so; it is hard to be ignored in a car as beautiful as the 2014 Corvette, and the boyfriend noted that even a police officer pulled a U-turn just to get a better look at the new Stingray. 

Before the new lady owner can take it for a drive though, she has to take off her “piece”, which we assume means gun. Why her boyfriend bought her a Corvette is becoming a bit clearer now, and she seems to have no trouble shifting the gears for herself either. Congrats to the couple on a sweet new ride they’re sure to both enjoy.


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