2014 Corvette C7 Has Six-Month Waiting List

04-corvette-c7-bowling-green-deliveries-1The 2014 Corvette is a hot car in more than one way. With an all-new engine, all-new chassis, and loaded with a world-class interior, the Corvette C7 is a car everyone expected to be in high demand upon its launch. This has led to more than a little price gouging at the dealer level, and GM executives are warning that some customers could be in for quite a wait.

corvette-assemblyChevy’s Marketing Manager Chris Perry told The Detroit Bureau that GM has about “six month’s worth of orders” in the books. For Corvette enthusiasts eager to get behind the wheel of the long-awaited C7, news of even more delays isn’t going to make anyone happy.

Except for GM’s masters, of course, who are no doubt delighted with customer responses to the new Corvette. With news that Chrysler is cutting Viper production by a third, a six-month wait list for the new ‘Vette means high demand, and high transaction prices for dealers. Some dealers are charging as much as $20,000 over the MSRP to customers that just can’t wait to get their new Corvette, and apparently there are plenty of those to go around.

NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick paid $1.1 million to get the very first production C7 Corvette, and another $1 million for the first droptop. Other buyers may have a long time to wait though, as GM also has plans to ship the Corvette to overseas markets in Europe and Asia. For buyers of the new Chevy supercar, who have waited a decade between generations, what’s a few more months?


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