At the most recent Texas Mile competition, a new Corvette standing mile record was set by LMR (Late Model Racecraft). According to Corvette Blogger, the guys from LMR managed to make a 231 MPH run despite a 31 MPH head wind. At a previous Texas Mile event the Hinson Motorsports Corvette set a record-breaking speed, but before they could best their previous run the car was destroyed in a serious crash. Luckily the LMR guys were not plagued by car destroying gremlins, only mechanical ones. After setting the record on Saturday, the LMR Corvette experienced transmission failure thanks to 23 pounds of boost in third gear, which put the car back in the trailer.

A 440 cubic inch engine with twin-turbos that produced over 1,500 horsepower to the rear tires powers LMR’s Corvette. In reality the twin-turbo combination is probably producing considerably more than 1,500 horsepower, but LMR’s dyno is only capable of measuring up to that limit. The video from High Tech Corvette offers the brave a virtual ride along as the C6 flies down the airstrip reaching the record setting run.

After watching previous standing mile on-board videos, typically the camera seems to float at higher speeds providing a motion sickness-inducing view once you go over 200 MPH; however the camera mount used by LMR seemed to stand up to the test and providing viewers with an amazing visual and acoustic experience.