Following the violent crash of the Hinson Motorsports silver Z06 Corvette at the most recent Texas Mile event, video footage of the accident and still images are emerging at a rapid pace.  Hinson Motorsports assembled a montage of the event along with some pre-event dyno testing of the Z06. During the engine dyno session the engine cranks out an impressive 1,738 horsepower at a mere 22-psi. This low boost testing proved to be effective because the during the second pass at the event the Hinson car made a 224.3 MPH with low boost, setting a new record.

After successfully completing the 224.3 MPH record run, the guys at Hinson decide to turn up the boost and go for 240 MPH or more. Thanks to wind issues the guys are forced to hold off on making the next run until the next day. With the Z06 prepped for more boost, the driver pulls the car up and begins the run. All seems fine until approximately three quarters of the way down the track and this is where the video montage sheds new light on the wreck. With the new footage, a closer view of the dramatic tumble is shown as well as a slow motion course of events.

It appears that the car loses traction and the passenger side rear wheel lifts off the ground, sending the car sideways and airborne. Luckily the car landed on its wheels and the safety equipment allowed the driver to walk away uninjured. Images of the aftermath of the wreck show the force involved in a 230MPH crash; one wheel is completely ripped from the studs, leaving the center section of the hub still attached to the studs. Even though the Z06 was destroyed, Hinson Motorsports promises to be back setting records with a new Corvette in the future.