Video: Cutaway C3 Corvette For Sale In Minnesota

vette3You may remember the article we did previously on this cool cutaway C3 1969 Corvette built by Mounds View, Minnesota’s Corvette Specialties to help them sell parts that are in the company’s inventory. Well, it appears as if the car – a 1969 Corvette – is for sale through Unique Specialty and Classic Cars in Mankato, Minnesota, and it’s worth a look if you’ve got a couple of bucks (OK, more than a couple) burning a hole in your pocket.

The car itself is far from show condition, as the years of the elements taking their toll on the exposed metal components of the car hasn’t been a nice process, but the car does appear to be “all there”…except for the intentionally missing body pieces. The Ram’s Horn exhaust manifolds have definitely seen better days, as have the brake booster and other underhood components, but perfection isn’t something to be expected with a vehicle such as this.

The small-block, stick-shift car does runs and drive as evidenced by the smoky burnouts the car performed in our previous article. The lack of windshield and rear window might make it a breezy trip, but if it’s a conversation piece you’re after, you might want to check this thing out. It’s for the Corvette owner that has everything – it’ll certainly get more attention than just about anything else you could buy.

The offering price is $23,900, and while this isn’t exactly a car we’d try to drive on a regular basis, it certainly is a unique Corvette that’s bound to turn some heads at your local car show. 

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