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Video: Smoky Donuts in a Cutaway C3 Corvette

The folks at Corvette Specialties of Mounds View, Minnesota, seem like our kind of people. Not only do they have a running “cutaway” C3 Corvette to help promote all the parts in their inventory, but they’re also not afraid to flog it a little bit in the name of fun.

Way back in 1980, Corvette Specialties’ founder, who had been selling parts out of his garage, took the leap and sold his ’61 Vette to finance the business. Humble beginnings in an industrial park led to bigger and better things, and he was eventually successful enough to retire in 1998, handing the business  off to the new owners in ’99. Since then, a move to a new location in 2009 meant even more business, and the company has played host to multiple car shows and community events.

Of course, even successful people need to blow off a little steam sometimes. In this video, we see them spinning donuts in the parking lot with the white ’69 Y-body before putting it away in the showroom. According to the video description, “The business next door said they were ready to call the police just before we finished.” We hope that they’ve gotten any hard feelings patched up with their neighbors, because we’d love to see more of this unique C3…

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