“Vette Collections” Gets Cable TV Slot on Corvette Nation Program

For avid Corvette fans, the name Michael Brown should conjure up images of Chevrolet TV commercials, amazing Corvette collections, and a documentary called The Quest, which follows the resurrection of the 1960 No. 3 Cunningham Corvette that raced at LeMans. But recently, Brown’s name has become associated with even more. That’s because, thanks to a partnership with Corvette Nation, Brown’s “Vette Collections” series has gotten the cable TV slot it deserves. Check out the latest “Vette Collections” segment from Discovery’s Velocity network above.

michael_brown_corvette_nation_2For the last year or so, we’ve featured some of Brown’s “Vette Collections” videos, featuring some of the most amazing Corvette collections around the country, including his personal collection, and beyond. But now instead of strictly finding these featured collections online, you can see them on the Velocity channel’s Corvette Nation television show.

“A little over three years ago, I had an idea for a possible cable series called ‘Vette Collections‘,” Brown told us. “I registered the name, set up a website and periodically, my crew and I traveled around the country profiling various Corvette collections and their owners. We stockpiled a number of these with the intent of producing a pilot show to gauge potential interest.”

Although a passion of Brown’s, the “Vette Collections” series took a back seat when Brown landed an interview with Lance Miller about three and a half years ago. Miller, who’s late father not only had an amazing collection of Corvettes, was also tied to the now famous No. 3 Cunningham Corvette campaigned in the 1960 LeMans race.

michael_brown_corvette_nation_3After hearing the story of the car and Miller’s father, Brown decided the story of the No. 3 Corvette needed to be told and placed a priority on creating a documentary around it.

In May of 2011, The Quest documentary was screened for the first time and has been a hit with all types of car enthusiasts since.

Having the creation of The Quest under his belt, Brown went back to his “Vette Collections” passion, posting several of his videos on YouTube. Many of them, we featured right here.

michael_brown_corvette_nationWith the “Vette Collections” series up online, Brown attracted attention from the producers of Velocity’s brand new Corvette-exclusive series called Corvette Nation. In turn, the producers contacted Brown interested in incorporating his video series into their program. In the fall of 2013, this negotiation turned into a “Vette Collections” segment on every Corvette Nation show.

While some of the “Vette Collection” segments seen on the Corvette Nation program up until now are ones that Brown aired on his own YouTube channel previously, the “Vette Collections” segments for upcoming shows are ones never before seen. These were recorded by Brown and his crew specifically for the Corvette Nation audience.

The first season of Corvette Nation runs through December 13th, airing Fridays at 7 p.m. Be sure to tune in to get your weekly dose of “Vette Collections” and general Corvette fever (or check out the “Vette Collection” segments you miss here), and also stay tuned for hopefully a second season of the Corvette-exclusive cable program!

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