Video: Unique Corvette Collection Features Only Factory-Black Cars

The Corvette has been a staple in the American automotive scene for 60 years now, so it comes as no surprise that so many enthusiasts find themselves collecting prime examples of the all-American model. While we’re sure aesthetics, power, and options fuel many collectors’ choices on which models to buy, avid Chevy enthusiast Bill Mullis has a unique thing he looks for in all of his acquisitions – they must be black. Check out Mullis’ amazing collection of black Corvettes and other notable Chevys in the latest episode of Michael Brown’s Vette Collections above.

Sprawling across a vast area in North Carolina, Mullis’ gorgeous horse property is the type of thing you’d see on postcards or in travel brochures, but it’s not the actual real estate that’s the crown jewel. Instead, it’s what the property holds, particularly a barn perched on a hill top. It is there that you will find nearly two dozen Corvettes, as well as many other vintage Chevys, lovingly maintained and all sharing one feature – a black exterior.

Mullis’ obsession with black cars came only after having bought a couple Corvettes in the color. It was then that, thanks to research, Mullis found black Corvettes to be on the rarer end of the spectrum, prompting him to refine his further collecting to only black vehicles.

Included in Mullis’ collection is at least one of every Corvette from 1954 to 1968, as well as a few others of more modern years. Among them are highly sought-after Fuelies, big-block cars and those sporting rare options. You’ll also find Camaros, Impalas and Tri-Fives in the all-black collection, along with vintage Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles, hot rods, and even front clips of old classics used as wall decorations.

Black cars can be tricky to maintain as they show every flaw and fleck of dust, but if anything is to be said about Mullis’ collection, it is that it’s one gorgeous grouping of American classics.

Unfortunately, after filming of this piece ended, part of Mullis’ collection was sold at the 2011 Mecum Bloomington Gold Auction at no reserve, including 23 black Corvettes. There is no word on why the Corvettes were sold.

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