Corvette Enthusiast Trades Ford Model T and Two More Cars for ’13 C6


Tina Boyter of Louisiana may have traded in her 1980 Corvette for a 2013 like this one, but it’s another car that she also traded in for the Chevy sports car that has some people scratching their heads. Images: Red River Chevrolet

What would you give up for a 2013 Corvette? Another car? A prized stamp collection? Your first born? Well, for one Louisiana woman, she’d give up more than most of us would. That’s because in order to secure her brand new Corvette, she traded in three cars, including a cherry 1914 Model T, according to Autoblog. Now the only question that remains is what is a Chevy dealership going to do with a vintage Model T on its showroom floor?


A bit out of place? Sure, but according to Autoblog, Red River Chevrolet used to sell new Fords and Chevys along side of each other back in the day. Image: Autoblog

While an old Ford Model T may seem like a strange thing to offer in a trade for a 2013 Corvette, Tina Boyter walked into Red River Chevrolet of Bossier City, Louisiana and offered just that. But you see, Boyter isn’t new to Chevys or even to Corvettes. One of her personal vehicles, and another she offered in the trade, was a 1980 Corvette. So, to be fair, the trade does have some ground to stand on.

The Model T, which she stated was built as a racer by Ford, was Boyter’s father’s, while the ‘80 Corvette was her personal vehicle. The third car in the trade was a ‘78 Cadillac Eldorado, a car her mother used to own before moving on to a Lincoln.

Despite the three cars’ family history, Boyter has now parted ways with them all in the name of getting the keys to a brand new 2013 Vette.

While many people would have waited for the C7 to trade in such a collection, Boyter stated that she fell in love with the Corvette sitting on the showroom floor when she walked into the dealership. And with a white 2013 2LT complimented by a red interior, Boyter certainly could have done worse when it came to her selection.

So now that the Corvette is in Boyter’s possession, what does that mean for the Ford Model T? Well, it could be sold along side the dealership’s Chevys in the future, although it isn’t currently listed in their “Used” inventory. Heck, maybe the dealership will keep the vintage Ford as a token of this unique trade.


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