We’ve all seen TV those shows where someone very kind and deserving gets his/her pride and joy kidnapped and rebuilt like new by someone really talented and famous in the automotive restoration business. It’s a theme that was made famous last decade and it continues on today.

For a car that's the same age as your author, we don't think it looks too bad. But like they say, the devil is in the details.

This isn’t one of those TV shows. This isn’t a team of seasoned professionals working around the clock, against the clock, to complete a total transformation in a few days. No, what you’re looking at on this page is a 1980 Corvette owned by a 68-year-old Vietnam veteran that’s being rebuilt by a group of Trenton High School students located in Michigan.

The school’s principal, Michael Doyle, was in need of a project car for the school’s Automotive Technology class. He was fortunate enough to convince his uncle, the car’s owner, Jim Schneider, to hand over the keys in the name of education. Schneider was tired of it taking up space in his garage, and endlessly dreaming of the day when he could get around to restoring the Corvette – talk about killing two birds with one stone! 

Apparently the plastic fantastic is a bit rougher than it looks in the only two pictures we could dig up, but soon enough, that won’t matter anymore. It has been under construction since the 2011-2012 school year, and will continue to be until it’s completed. 

We caught wind of this story through our friends over at CorvetteBlogger.com, and we only felt that it was appropriate to share it with all of our ‘Vette fans here on Corvette Online.