A C7 Work Of Art? You Be The Judge!


Photo: Golliff Instagram

Throughout the years, we have been stunned, marveled, and even horrified by the many manifestations of art that some Corvette owners have displayed. Remember the stunning Rick Hendrick Star Wars Collection? Or, the infamous “Dragon ‘Vette?”

This year, one of the highlights at the Washington Auto Show, which runs throughout the month of February at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC, is a C7 Stingray that has been dubbed a “work of art.”


Photo: Automotive Rhythms

The Washington Auto Show is featuring the first “ART-of-Motion” exhibit in collaboration with the urban automotive media group, Automotive Rhythms. The unique display features 6,000 square feet of graphic arts and murals.

John O’Donnell, President of the Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association, which produces the Washington Auto Show, stated, “ART-of-Motion promises to thrill auto enthusiasts and art lovers alike.” Ten manufacturers are exhibiting cars and among them, Corvette.


Photo: Golliff Instagram

The masterminds behind the Corvette work of art are Brett Golliff, Color and Trim Designer for Chevrolet Performance, Deadra Bell-Smith, Creative Sculpting Model Manager for Buick Design, and Tyler Mars, Senior Digital Sculptor for Cadillac Exterior Design. Tom Peters, Chevrolet Performance Car Design Director, managed the project and provided artistic direction.

The trio of GM designers was given a white (vinyl-wrapped “Phew!”) Corvette to create the exhibit. Golliff stated, “The end result will create a very graphic and deep expression of color and design.”


Photo: Golliff Instagram

The result is nonetheless a yellow-orange-red-purple-striped C7! We must admit that our first reaction was confusion. However, the ART-of-Motion exhibit at the Washington Auto Show is already proving to be a tremendous success, and our love of art and automobiles can’t help but support the concept – though our eyes are still adjusting.

Since art is a matter of tastes, we sure would like to hear from you. What are your thoughts on this C7 “work of art?” You be the judge!


Photo: Golliff Instagram

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