The Infamous Dragon ‘Vette Could Be Yours!

Ever wanted to own a piece of history? Perhaps owning one of the most infamous late model Corvettes to ever grace the web has always been a pipe dream of yours? In any case, the opportunity to own the abominable Dragon ‘Vette is now a possibility. This striking and now famous pillar of customization has irritated Corvette lovers, titillated the haters, and for the price $71,000, it can now be all yours.

Jalopnik reported the classified ad for multicolored performance machine and provided a little background on the evolution of the unique aesthetic enhancements added by its’ present owner. Mystery has surrounded the special treatment given to this Corvette; rumors circled the web about it being a method for keeping the car safe from an ex-spouse in divorce court to eating magic mushrooms.

Love it or hate it, the Dragon Vette holds a special place in the hearts of the Corvette owners. To be honest, the multiple layers of paint, stucco or paste made from powdered coffee creamer have actually provided a decent protective layer from the corrosive nature of winter weather, large bugs and gravel trucks. No matter where this “beauty” is parked it will standout and will attract quite a crowd; it would be a dream to drive this custom Corvette to the valet line at Bellagio in Las Vegas, just to watch the reaction.

Many purists would prefer for the abortion dubbed the Dragon ‘Vette to be restored to it’s stock appearance or put out of its’ misery altogether, but there are those with a sense of humor who would enjoy nothing more than smoking a Ferrari with this car. The mastermind behind the car claims Ferrari-smoking power after the addition of the supercharger. Just think of the possibilities for revenge on your snooty Mercedes-owning neighbors, with this exquisite beast parked in front of your home or shack. Long live the Dragon ‘Vette!

Editor’s Note: The classified ad has mysteriously disappeared! Has the Dragon Vette been sold, or was it all just a hoax to begin with? We’ll stay on the case and try to discover the truth about this most-important-Corvette…

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