eBay Find: Warmed Over “Pennant Blue” 1954 C1 offered at $99K

Have you ever wondered who comes up with paint color names? Any homeowner has sifted through mountains of paint chips labeled “Sepia,” “Mountain Breeze,” or “Quiet Meadow.”

Chevy has come up with some great ones too like “Steel Cities Gray,” “Tuxedo Black,” and “Marlboro Maroon.” With that in mind, check out this cool ’54 Corvette in rare “Pennant Blue,” for sale over on eBay.

Blue Vette 3Looking very cool with Torque-Thrusts and wide-whites, it combines the cool blue color with an odd beige (caramel) colored interior color. Of the 3,640 1954 Corvettes produced, only 300 left the factory in blue with a beige interior, and only four left St. Louis painted black.

The car looks to be in good shape, but there are some red flags here that anyone looking at an early C1 should be aware of. The seller says the car was repainted in a hue very close to original color. We all know that color change is like wolf bane to some Vette buyers, so beware and use due diligence.

Blue Vette 2Under the hood, the wiring looks like a jumble of different parts and pieces cobbled together. A thorough check of the electrical system would be a good idea. The car has had some tweaks as well, like an extra electric fan added behind the radiator for parades and disc brakes on all four wheels.

We think resto-mods are cool and this would make a great starting point. If you don’t have the stomach to tear down a mostly original ’54 Vette, it would make a great weekend driver as is. Now, is it worth almost $100K?

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