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Garage Find – One owner, Big Block Tri-Power, 1969 Corvette Coupe

What do you do with a 1 owner, tri-power, big block 1969 Corvette? Restore or preserve? in storage for years, this car has only recently seen the open air and is a rare glimpse at vintage 'Vette as a daily driver.Read More


That Left A Scratch – C7 Gets Squashed In Highway Wipeout

A Torch Red Corvette C7 Stingray was involved in a traffic collision that occurred on State Route 55, an 18-mile north–south highway known as the Costa Mesa Freeway. The condition of the driver is unknown.Read More


Don’t Call It A Kit Car – Corvette Central’s Concept ’57 Repro Body

If you haven't seen Corvette Central's repro '57 Vette body, you're in for a real treat. Watch as Walden-Younger Corvette Restoration lovingly builds a killer resto-mod '57 Vette using state of the art hardware.Read More


Sh*t You Didn’t Know About The 2017 Corvette

We all know the big news for Corvette for 2017 is the addition of the Grand Sport model, but did you know there's over 20 factory wheel choices, four new colors and damn near every aspect of the C7 is customizable?Read More


Editor’s Choice – Car Detailing Creams, Potions and Widgets We Dig

There are umpteen-zillion product choices in the auto detailing arena. We cut through the clutter with some of our favorites. From buttery waxes to slippery suds, we reveal the winners from countless car washes.Read More


Will The New Corvette ZR1 Have A Mid-Engine 750 HP LT5?

Sources claiming to have close ties to GM are saying that not only will the Corvette ZR1/Zora be mid-engined, it will be powered by a 750 horsepower LT5.Read More


The Corvette Online C3 Buyer’s Guide

Did you know Chevrolet built almost half a million C3's? They're plentiful and a great way to enter the Corvette hobby. Check out our buyer's guide on the do's and don'ts of buying a "Mako Shark" Vette.Read More


Quick Tech: Resetting Corvette Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors

Since the 1987 model year, Corvettes have come with tire pressure monitoring systems to keep tabs on the air pressure on all four corners. While it's convenient (and a necessity for Corvettes equipped with run-flat tires but no spare), it's easy to confuse the system when getting your tires changed.Read More

C4 Billy Boat 2

Video – Billy Boat Exhaust Systems Are Music to Gearhead Ears

If you love the baritone exhaust note of muscular performance cars, you'll dig these videos from Billy Boat. They've got a great new look for their website too. Enjoy!Read More


Editor’s Choice: The C7 Stingray Versus The Z06

There seems to be a Corvette for nearly every appetite out there, and while everyone likes what they like, I would like to throw my own two cents in the ring…for what it's worth.Read More


Jeepers, Where’d ‘Ya Get Those Peepers? C3 Corvette Eye Transplant

Medical science has yet to figure out how to transplant a human eye. Johnny Burk and Hot Rods by Auto Art have already pulled off such a feat, albeit with a '73 'Vette as the patient. See the first C3 with C7 eyes.Read More


C5/C6 Corvette Suspension Tech: Coilovers vs. Leafs

Is there really any system on your car more important than the suspension? How a car handles and steers directly reflects on how you feel driving the car, and few cars are as well-known as the Corvette when it comes to handling and driver experience. Here's a look at how to make your Corvette handle better...Read More

1958 Yard Man Corvette 2

EBay Find – 1958 Corvette Yard-Man Go-Cart

If you love carts and Corvette's, here's a real treat. A 1958 'Vette Go-Cart by Yard-Man is available on Ebay. The little car emerged after sitting 40 years in a barn. For the right price, it could be yours...Read More


Newsflash! Mid-Engine Supercar Coming, C7 To Live Through 2021

GM has a mid-engine supercar up it's sleeve. Whether it will be a Cadillac, Corvette or both remains unclear. The best news for most of us is the C7 is rumored to soldier on until 2021.Read More


C4 Corvette Gets Powerful New Lease On Life With LS Swap

Here's an LS swap you might not have seen before. Ditching an L98 for an LS is always a step in the right direction. See what it took to get this old C4 updated with modern Chevy power.Read More


Project C700: Keepin’ It Cool With C&R Racing and Chevy Performance

With the last few mods, we've extracted a substantial amount of power from our C7 project car. So, in the interest of balance and keeping our machine reliable, we introduced some greater cooling capabilities.Read More

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