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Is Chevrolet Sandbagging The 2015 Z06 Figures?

We take a look at the first few dyno results with the all new 2015 Corvette Z06 and discuss why we may be seeing the types of numbers that are being produced. Read More


Manchester United Players Don’t Like Their Free Chevrolets

Not to long ago, Chevrolet and Manchester United came to a sponsorship deal that included free cars for the team and staff. Sadly, today we must report that the football team are not driving their free cars. Read More

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Video: 2015 Z06 Burnout in the Dealership’s Lot

Leave it to Vengeance Racing to do a tire roasting burnout with their new Z06 before it even hits a public street. Read More


GM Begins Restoration on the One Millionth Corvette

The next car to begin its restoration process is the one millionth Corvette to ever be produced, a beautiful 1992 convertible! Read More


Paris Hilton Customizes Her C7 Stingray… But Not Like You’d Hope

Paris Hilton has owned a number of awesome cars throughout the years. Unfortunately for most, she often paints them pink, and her garage's newest addition was no different. Read More


The Mystery: Aliens, a Sinkhole and the Missing 1983 Corvette

If you have ever wondered why there were no Corvettes produced for 1983, you'll finally have your answer. Also learn about the sole 1983 survivor and where it is today. Read More


Corvette Craft: The Story Behind GTS Customs

Greg Thurmond, of GTS Customs in Simi Valley, California, is a strong believer in slow and steady work. His everyday business consists of fixing up old Corvettes, and they come out looking anything but normal. Read More


Stinky – The Grand Sport

Come take a look at one fine example of a 1996 Grand Sport. Dan Jaquess drove across several states and is proud to show off his car, as this may just be the most historic C4 Grand Sport in existence. Read More

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WVW: Where Do We Begin With This One…

Wrecked Vette Wednesday brings you a black on black C6 that has gone through a sizable accident, and developed some sort of environmental hazard! Read More


Ouch: ’72 Stingray Suffered An Accident, Looks Worse For Wear

In perfect condition, this '72 Corvette can fetch up to $22,000, but it'll take a pretty penny or two to get it there. Now up for auction on IAA, the car is looking for a new owner; is it you? Check it out! Read More


Babe Of The Month: Heather Perlin

Introducing this month's Babe Of The Month: Miss Heather Perlin. She's an all-American gal, who loves fast cars, isn't afraid of getting dirty and loves her dog Layla! Read More


2015 Z06 Deliveries and One Extra Special One

Rick Hendrick has not just one but two 2015 Z06s headed his way, and a few other shining examples are beginning to surface around the country. Read More

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Girl Gets Stuck In the Snow With a C6

Take a look at how this young lady managed to get her beautiful C6 stuck in the snow, and attempts to get it out. Read More


2015 Z06 Costs A Pretty Penny In Germany

The 2015 Z06 is certainly making waves seen around the world of performance cars, but if you reside in Germany, that performance is not going to come cheap. Read More


Video: High Tech Corvette Satisfies Our Cravings For Z06 Burnouts

How would you treat a freshly-delivered 2015 Z06? The guys at High Tech Corvette couldn't help themselves, and took the supercar out for some fun little burnouts in their parking lot. Read More


Second Time Around: Frank Manning’s ’64 Corvette Vintage Racer

Frank Manning's '64 Corvette has been in the family for 40 years and has likely racked up more road course miles than many of our tired, utilitarian commuters. Check out the story behind th vintage racecar gem. Read More

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