Tech: The Benefits of Moroso’s 17-inch DS-2 Front Runners

In the world of drag racing, times are easily cut down by removing weight, increasing aerodynamics, or shaving rotational mass and reducing rolling resistance. This must be balanced carefully as the car still needs to keep enough front end grip to be safe at a high rate of speed. Many modern muscle and performance cars are saddled with running a heavy, stock-style wheel and tire combination at the track due to their large braking systems. Fortunately Moroso has developed a solution for the late model muscle and performance market with their new DS-2 Front Runner tire.


The Moroso DS-2 is built using 4-ply nylon technology and makes use of a high strength bead for excellent durability. According to Moroso, with the use of nylon technology, installing and uninstalling these tires become less of a hassle, given their durable flexibility. Another cool feature of the DS-2 is its ozone-resistant tire compound, which withstands the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental conditions, meaning that owners don’t have to cover them immediately when not in use, but it is recommended to store them in a proper place to avoid dry-rotting over longer periods of time.


With the tread design of the Moroso DS-2 being aircraft-inspired, the tire is exceptionally lightweight. Due to its high crown, the DS-2 has low rolling resistance during acceleration and a broader footprint under braking, ideal for today’s heavier performance cars.

An asymmetrical tread pattern improves high-speed stability by reducing the tire’s tendency to “walk” at the top end. This allows the driver to not have to over-inflate the front tires to get the proper grip and stability needed for a successful pass. Tread width on the DS-2 measures in at 4.5 inches, which helps provide stable braking when decelerating from a high speed pass.


Due to manufacturers equipping their vehicles with larger brakes, a 15 or 16-inch wheel won’t work on many modern muscle and performance cars. Moroso ventured into developing these DS-2 tires in a 17-inch application so that people with newer model vehicles have an option for front tires instead of relying on the heavy factory front wheels and tires. Even the base model brakes on a new Mustang or Camaro won’t accommodate a 15 or 16-inch wheel. With the DS-2 available in a 17-inch application owners have an option for a low rolling resistance, lightweight tire to use at the track.

Overall Benefits Of The DS-2

Moroso’s DS-2 is the perfect tire for vehicles with bigger brakes that won’t accommodate wheels under 17 inches. The recommended front wheel widths for these tires are 3.5-5 inches, meaning there are a variety of choices for a suitable drag wheel already on the market. Perhaps the only downside to the DS-2 is that it isn’t DOT approved and is only for the drag strip. From the aircraft-inspired tread pattern, to the 4-ply nylon chord technology, low rolling resistance on acceleration and a broad footprint on deceleration, the DS-2 is a high-tech tire solution for racers competing in modern muscle and performance cars.

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