Greetings Shop Dawgs!

Installing nitrous was always something that I wanted to know but didn’t just want to jump into. Now, because when you tell BJ to install a window switch he replaces the switches on the door that control the glass windows, I got to hang out with our nitrous expert Mark (our Editor In ‘Chef’). The ZEX LS1 kit was the goal of the day, and it was an easy one. Except for one hick-up.

The hick-up didn’t come from Mark or I or even the ZEX kit. It came from the owner of the car not knowing what tune was in his car. Not wanting to send a piston through the oil pan we called Ryne Cunningham to help us tune and use the extra 100 hp in the Camaro. The tuning went smooth and was done faster than the install itself. You can check out the full article and video blog coming out in a few weeks.