There has been an electronic marvel that has been sitting on our desks for the last few weeks. Something we were sworn to secrecy on until today, when the SCT Livewire TS was officially released. It’s so new that we cannot link you to SCT’s product page for the Livewire TS yet…because it doesn’t exist.

For those who are familiar with SCT’s line of tuners, you will recognize the overall design from the discontinued TSX. It borrows the same overall frame of the TSX, but is enhanced further with a durable, rubberized coating the helps flight scratches to the unit.

The name implies it all - the Livewire TS is a wired, but full touch screen tuner

Livewire TS Features:

• Full Color 4” Touch Screen Display
• Rear View Camera Input 8
• Pre-Loaded Dyno Proven Tune Files
• Stores up to 10 Custom Tunes
• High Speed Data Logging / Monitoring
• Auto ON / OFF with the vehicle ignition
• Built-In Performance Calculator
• Reads / Clears DTC Trouble Codes
• User Adjustable Vehicle Parameters
• User Adjustable Graphics

Again, those familiar with SCT’s tuners remember their first, and also discontinued, Livewire.The function is implied through the name; the Livewire does utilize a wired cable that connects the 4-inch full color touch screen display to your OBD-II port. A few inches from the OBD-II port on that wire is a analog input for using 0-5 volt sensors, plus a mini jack that can be used for a backup camera.

The software framework of the Livewire TS is borrowed from their wireless iTSX tuner with a unique look. It employs all the same features like built-in performance calculator, recordable datalogging screens, DTC scanner, and of course tuning. The screen has even adapted swiping technology like you would find on an iPhone.

While a wireless connection is always convenient, the wired connection is hands down faster when it comes to flashing your vehicle. For example, the iTSX requires an iPhone (or similar Apple device) to send the tune to the tuner, then the tuner uploads it to the vehicle. If you want to make changes to your tune, the process is repeated. With a wired device like the Livewire TS, the display sends any customized tune directly to the PCM in one step. Not saying the iTSX is slow at transferring, but if you are modifying tunes a lot, the Livewire TS will be a faster solution.

Live feedback from a myriad of engine sensors with programmable warning points is one of the many options offered through the gauges/datalogging screen. For 2011+ Mustang owners, SCT will soon have an update that will allow you to monitor both of your factory wideband oxygen sensors, like the iTSX already features.

(Left) You can see the programmable option we set for the coolant temperature wiring in the above photo. Next you can see the front screen layout and swiping technology in action. Finally, we did a test brake test on our 2011 Mustang project, and yes it does stop from 60 mph in less than 100 feet.

Keep an eye out for a full video tutorial on the features as well as an accompanying tech article.

For an application chart, click here.
For the product information sheet, click here.

Livewire TS User Adjustable Options

• Fuel Adjustment
• Spark Adjustment
• Axle Ratio Selection
• MAF Meter Selection
• Tire Size Selection
• Idle RPM
• Octane Levels
• Fuel Injector Size
• Popular Intake Kits
• Automatic Shift RPM
• Cooling Fan On / Off Temp.
• Fuel Octane Selection
• Disable Traction Control
• Two Step On / Off RPM
• Automatic Shift Firmness

Part Numbers

5015 Ford Livewire TS Pre-loaded Programmer
5416 GM Livewire TS Pre-loaded Programmer