MSD’s Pro-Data Software & 7531 Tech Videos

MSD’s Pro Data Software is one of the most popular ways you can control your MSD ignition for your race car or street car. However, learning how to use it DOES INVOLVE a learning curve. Whether it’s setting up basics functions such as a rev limiter, or learning how to use traction-aiding functions such as the slew-rate or rev limiter over time – it pays to listen to an expert.

We set up our Project Grandma with a MSD 7531 box and Pro Data software, and used it to control and setup our Edelbrock/Musi 555 EFI engine. Even we were in need of some education on how to get the most out of this powerful device.

Check out the series of 5 videos we shot for MSD with Joe Pando of MSD… it tells you EVERYTHING you need to know to program an MSD 7531 or any MSD box that uses the Pro-Data software..

You can also visit MSD’s web site directly for more information on the 7531:

Video 1: Overview and Basics of Pro-Data MSD Software

Video 2: Rev Limiters & Step Retards

Video 3: Timing Curves & Maps

Video 4: Data Acquisition

Video 5: Rev limit & Slew rate curves

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