One of the really awesome things about Corvette Central’s website is that they’re not just in the business of selling parts for America’s Sports Car – they actually have a very useful library of “CC Tech” articles that help Corvette owners from every generation get a little bit more bang for their buck by doing their own repair and restoration work with some expert help.

In the past, our own efforts have been chronicled on CC Tech, including Project Y2k Stage 1/2 and 3/4 upgrades, so you know they’re a source you can trust for reliable information when it comes time to start turning wrenches on your Y-Body. As a matter of fact, we’ll be referring to their C5/C6 clutch replacement guide in the very near future for our own swap in Project Y2k – getting a new clutch into a late model Corvette is a little more involved than your typical RWD car, but seeing all the steps laid out takes some of the anxiety out of the process, for sure.

In their latest installment, Jerry Heasley of Vette Magazine takes on the task of swapping side pipe exhausts onto his ’66 coupe, and on the CC Tech Website we get to follow along with the process, which involved a little more work than anticipated but still ended up being a good “beginner/intermediate” project for the classic Corvette owner looking to spend a little quality time with his or her baby.