Video: We Dive Into the Technology of RHS’ LS Offerings

Building the ultimate engine requires a lot of work, but thanks to a number of offerings from companies like Racing Head Service (RHS), getting the initial setup for your monster LS engine is painless. With the new RHS LS Aluminum Race Block, we found all the features we wanted to start our build, and what’s better is these features exceeded GM’s offerings for their LSX engines. On top of that, we secured ourselves a set of RHS’ LS7 Pro Elite heads that make building a beast of an engine that much simpler. Check out some of the amazing features this awesome block and heads combination from RHS has to offer in the video above.

RHS LS Aluminum Race Block

When it comes to our engines, we like to go big and with Late Model Engines building us a 500ci engine right now, we couldn’t go wrong with the RHS LS Aluminum Race Block to start. This block is made of A357 T6 aluminum for lightweight durability- so durable in fact that it can withstand extreme horsepower outputs. Other features of this block include Siamese cast bore walls with press-in extra long liners for standard and tall deck applications, a GM LS 6-bolt design, CNC porting, factory motor mounts, and larger main cap surface areas to support high-horsepower builds, including those for existing race applications.

Inside the RHS LS Race Block, you’ll find that the camshaft line has been raised for long stroker applications, which is perfect for our 500ci monster currently in the works. The block also comes with an improved priority main oiling design, which increases the overall efficiency of the engine as well as makes it compatible with dry sump systems. The block even features provisions for piston squirters for improved cooling and lubrication-perfect for boosted applications.

LS7 Pro Elite Heads

When building a potent engine like we are, it’s important to find the perfect cylinder heads that can not only support your intended horsepower ratings but also provide an adequate building block for other components. That’s what makes the LS7 Pro Elite heads from RHS so great. Not only will they fit on the RHS LS block or factory LSX engines with their traditional GM LS 6-bolt design, they also make it easier to matte any type of LS7 valve train setups and intake manifolds to your build.

This is due to the unique raised intake runner design that features a 0.220-inch raise for a better line of sight into the cylinders which allows for a better short run than with other LS7 heads.

In addition to the raised runners, a 12-degree valve angle helps increase flow capability within the heads.

The LS Pro Elite heads also feature increased clamping capacity for better head gasket retention no matter how much horsepower or boost you’re throwing at them, as well as reinforced solid rocker rails for increased valve train stability while providing extra clearance for aftermarket rocker setups.

No matter if you’re looking to build a small or large cubic inch engine, the RHS LS aluminum block and LS7 Pro Elite cylinder heads provide a perfect platform for any build. For more information about these products, be sure to visit RHS’ website, and stay tuned for more coverage of the 500ci engine Late Model Engines is building for us using these RHS components.

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