Shop Dawgs, it’s has been awhile. BJ and I are slowly starting to get our hands back in our Cornwell gloves out in the shop. Times have been a little hard around here with us Dawgs trying to write articles. I hope you all can see the hard work we put into not only our work on the cars, but in the office as well.

So today we spent some of our time helping out our friends over at Fastest Street Car Magazine install a FAST 92mm intake on their 2000 LS1 powered Camaro. While it was a little hard at times to get to some of the bolts and vacuum lines on the back of the intake to fit just right, it finally did go in. Anyone who has owned or had the lovely time of working on one of these cars knows exactly what I’m talking about. We came up with a neat little tip that had BJ tickled all day to the point that he made me take a picture of it, so here it is.

Everyone knows that trying to get these bolts in the intake after you set it in can be a real pain, next time cut any kind of tubing and put the bolt in it like this.

That way the bolt will stay in the manifold but wont drop though and get caught when you try to wedge it in.