We’ve all been there before. Spend the money, get the parts, and then wish you had done it completely different. Without a doubt, luxury items come at a premium these days. Ultimately, this means most of us are watching over our hard earned dollars. We’re forced to pick and choose and second-guess ourselves to death when it comes to performance parts. And while we tend to be good, the dilemma rises when we need to commit to a particular upgrade again; in this case, needing a new engine to keep us cruising.

The E-Street delivers on both fronts – the long block will allow Edelbrock consumers the option of  induction and accessory components, while the complete carb or EFI options are ideal for those who wanting a turn-key solution.

Shelling out the dough is only part of the equation here. When you consider the time and effort you’ll save by not having to hunt down a useable core, come up with a potent yet reliable parts combo, and devote hours assembling it or pay someone to do it for you, something is realized. The standardized, pre-assembled mail-order motor offers tremendous bang for the buck. Get it all to run reliably on the cheap-pump-stuff and you’ve just upped the ante.

What we’re talking about here is a complete transplant to minimize downtime and get you back on the road with a reliable outfit. Therefore, doing it right the first time around by shelling out some more greenbacks up front could be in your best interest.

As Edelbrock’s Director of Advertising, Eric Blakely, stated, “Our E-Street crate engine line offers consumers a high-quality brand new engine at an affordable price point.” Blakely went on to explain, “The Edelbrock line of crate engines is focused on given budget conscience consumers a variety of factory-perfect engine choices at an affordable price.”

Boxed Power

Crate engines have become quite the phenomenon lately. Within the last decade their popularity among the street rod market has grown exponentially into the simplest method for powering your hot rod or roadster. There’s good reason for the trend, too. Crate engines remove any guesswork from the situation. This eliminates having to select the correct parts, and removes the legwork of hauling an old engine all over town to have it machined and assembled. Not to mention having the time and space to facilitate such a build.

Instead, aftermarket speed warehouses like Edelbrock have made it painfully easy to cruise their vast online catalog for aftermarket parts, and components for exactly what you need. What’s more, Edelbrock’s crate engine program creates a system designed around achieving the best bang for the buck for your hot rod, open roadster or street thumper.

The naturally-aspirated small-block produces a street-friendly 315hp while the fuel injected plant cranks out a more respectable 331HP and 373 ft. lbs. of torque.

Edelbrock has designed and built an affordable entry-level Chevy small-block crate engine. Needless to say, the benefits outweigh its entry-level cost, too. A paltry $4,300 will net you 315 hp and 380 ft-lbs., Edelbrock’s E-Street crate engine; an easy choice to make powering your sled that much simpler.

For your enjoyment, we’ve gone ahead and dissected the E-Street Crate Engine. Just like you, we like to see what makes these crate motors special. We’ve made sure to include the dyno graph, build photos, and what makes these gems so unique.

Additionally, with three different versions of the small-block E-Street Crate Engines, we assure you, you’ll be left wanting one too.

The Edelbrock E-Street Crate Engine Lineup

Edelbrock’s entire line of E-Street crate engines, begins with a brand new, 4-bolt main GM short-block with a 2-piece rear main seal. These assembled short-blocks from GM swing a cast iron crank and cast aluminum pistons. Then, Edelbrock massages it with a set of their E-Street cylinder heads with a potent, 9.0:1 compression ratio; allowing it to run on the cheap-juice.

The E-Street cylinder heads are designed for performance and feature larger than stock intake and exhaust ports to improve engine efficiency. For the carbureted versions (PN 45080), Edelbrock tops it off with a Performer EPS intake manifold, and Performer Series Carburetor handle air and fuel. Conducting all the internals, Edelbrock relies on its tried-and-true Performer hydraulic camshaft and MSD distributor.

As Blakely reveals, “Our carbureted E-Street crate engine is the perfect entry level engine for any project car or truck. It features our E-Street Top End Kit that delivers 315 horsepower on 87-octane gas.” It’s a true crate engine through and through. It’s got everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Edelbrock has thought of nearly everything. If you don't have access to a dyno, guess what? Edelbrock can provide those services, too.

Your Choice of Three E-Street Engines:

  • Long-Block (PN 45070), fully equipped with their E-Street cylinder head package and valve covers
  • Carbureted (PN 45080), E-Street cylinder head package, valve covers, choice of single or dual-plane intake manifold
  • Fuel-injected version (PN 45090), Edelbrock’s latest fuel-injection system, making 331hp and 373 ft-lbs.

Additional Features:

  • Performer series camshaft with 0.420-inch of intake valve lift and 0.442-inch of exhaust valve lift
  • Advertised duration of 278 intake, 288 exhaust
  • Stainless steel valves (2.020-/1.600-inch intake/exhaust)

All Edelbrock short-blocks begin as GM Performance block with a 2-piece rear main and 4-bolt main caps.

The Foundation: The Short-Block

Obviously, there’s no sense in creating an engine package without starting with a solid foundation. For Edelbrock, the choice was simple: a stout GM short-block using a 2-piece rear main seal with 4-bolt main caps.

This envelopes the rotating assembly in stability, strength and reliability. Connecting rods are powdered metal, and dished aluminum 12cc slugs fill the bores and allow for a very pump-friendly low compression ratio. Of course, cam bearings and freeze plugs have already been skillfully installed.

Edelbrock's as-cast cylinder heads offer tons of air and mimic flow from more expensive CNC-massaged pieces. The E-Street Crate Engine also come with a straight-angle plug design to fit most aftermarket headers or exhaust manifolds.

Head Games: E-Street Cylinder Heads

A Closer Look At The Heads:

Combustion Chamber Volume – 64cc
Intake Runner Volume – 185cc
Exhaust Runner Volume – 60cc
Intake Port Location – Standard
Exhaust Port Shape – Square
Exhaust Port Location – Standard
Intake Valve Diameter – 2.020-inch
Exhaust Valve Diameter  – 1.600-inch
Maximum Valve Lift – 0.550-in.
Outer Spring Diameter – 1.250-in.
Retainer Material – Steel
Lock Style – 7 degree
Valve Seat Machine Style – 3-angle
Rockers – 1.7:1 ratio

The crowning jewel of any engine build are the components it uses to fill those bores with an atomized fuel and air mixture. For Edelbrock, they’ve relied on their Total Power Package and utilize a high performance set of 185cc aluminum cylinder heads.

The E-Street cylinder heads are manufactured right here in the USA for quality assurance. The heads feature A356 aluminum casting that are heat-treated to T-6 specifications for superior casting strength and quality.

Overall value is compounded through their modern combustion chamber design. Edelbrock’s design helps to not only gulp tons of power-producing air, but it helps to improve the combustion process, too. The E-Street heads use a larger-than-stock (185cc) intake and exhaust (60cc) port to help to move more air through the engine.

These features improve an engine’s efficiency, resulting in more horsepower and torque with improved mileage. Edelbrock even opted for the standard exhaust port location to allow users more options when it came to mounting headers.

Not sold yet? Every single Edelbrock E-Street cylinder head is assembled with manganese bronze valve guides, powder metal interlocking valve seats, stainless steel one-piece valves with hardened tips, screw-in studs, and guideplates. Valves are also given a 3-angle valve job and include large, 1.250-inch diameter springs.

Edelbrock's E-Street heads - upon closer inspection - are eerily similar to the brand's Performer line, a good thing to know for when or if you choose to step up your crate motor's performance.

Edelbrock's completed all the dirty-work for you. It's cam specs are stout, too; supplying power from idle to 5,500 rpm.


Without a doubt, the flat-tappet camshaft is undeniably the most reliable form of valvetrain technology the Chevy small-block has ever seen. What’s more, they don’t require any service, and if treated correctly, will last the lifetime of the engine. At the heart of the Edelbrock E-Street Crate Engine sits their most subtle yet power-providing hydraulic flat-tappet camshaft.

The Performer-Plus (PN 2102) cam and lifter package is designed for optimum torque from idle to mid-range; exactly where you need it on the street. We aren’t looking for all-out wheel-standing performance here. Street-cruising requires great vacuum, smooth idle, and pleasing power across the board. These camshafts are good for up to 5,500 rpm, and that’s plenty room to stretch the legs on your street rod. They also create great off-idle response for easy cruising around town and to the local car shows.

Camshaft Specifications:

  • Duration @ 0.050-inch lift – 204/214 intake/exhaust
  • Advertised Duration – 278/288 intake/exhaust
  • Intake Valve Lift with Factory Rocker Arm Ratio – 0.420-inch

Atomized Perfection: Performer EPS Intake Manifold

Channeling all that air into the E-Street Crate Engine, Edelbrock wisely chose their Performer EPS intake manifold. It’s been dyno-proven to deliver additional  horsepower from idle all the way to 5,500rpm. The Performer EPS manifold relies on a dual-plane design, which allows for increased driveability on the street and the square-bore design will facilitate the Performer Series or Thunder Series AVS carburetors. Intake runners have also been “tuned” to deliver their torque curve around 3,500 rpm.

Edelbrock's dual-plane manifold offers up maximum flow while still offering great overall mid-range power. It's cast from aluminum so it won't retain heat and the natural finish will provide years of trouble-free service.

Fueling Around: Performer Series Carburetor

Hitting the necessary items to properly fuel the E-Street carbureted version crate engine, Edelbrock dropped on their Performer Series Caburetor (PN 1405). It’s been designed and calibrated for optimum street performance. This means simple driveabliltiy is increased through both timed and full vacuum ports for ignition advance. Plus, these carbs will come ready to run.

The Performer Series Carburetor also feature two-piece, all-aluminum construction. With no gaskets below the fuel bowl, this means fewer leaks, and no plastic parts or power valves to blow out. For tuneability, the carbs use a system of metering rods, which are easy to replace for precise tuning. The primary venturi booster is a bottom-feed design for smoother acceleration and better driveability. A calibration chart along with a manual is also included for ease of tuning and developing a personal calibration for the carburetor.

Edelbrock's long-block option offers nearly all of the benefits of its completed crate engine, however, without the manifold and carburetor.

Triple The Options

Looking for additional options when it comes to sourcing an Edelbrock E-Street Crate Engine for your street rod or project sled? Edelbrock’s made it painfully easy with three full-tilt options to choose from. If you’re still yearning to get your hands dirty, the long-block E-Street Crate Engine will allow you to customize your engine to your specific application.

Blakely explained, “The E-Street long block is a great option for any engine builder or consumer looking to build a new engine on a budget. It allows them to begin with a new block and re-use their existing induction and accessory components.”

Next, add whichever intake manifold and fuel system combination necessary. You’ll still benefit from Edelbrock’s E-Street cylinder heads, valvetrain, and 4-bolt main block.

Edelbrock’s carbureted E-Street Crate Engine is their most popular package. It comes right from the crate and ready to drop in between your vehicle’s frame rails. With a traditional carburetor planted up top, Edelbrock kept it simple, clean, and removed all the headache. Moreover, with 315 hp on tap, it’ll get any sled moving quickly and reliably.

Although, the carbureted version is potent, some strive for more, and who can blame them. If you’re looking for a bit more with modern refinements, Edelbrock’s got the solution in their third version packing 331hp and 371ft-lbs. It’s packed with their EFI system and performance at an affordable price. This economical entry level engine has the same great features as the E-Street carbureted, but includes an EFI system that is tuned and ready to run right out the crate!

There's really no denying a complete package. Whether you're a traditional carburetor lover or got to have the limitless potential in an EFI setup, Edelbrock's line of E-Street Crate Engines can facilitate any application.

The exclusive Edelbrock EFI system was developed in conjunction with Mototron and is supplied with a calibration that is specially tuned to the engine’s Power Package components. It’s ready to run with no tuning needed. Of course, any future upgrades can be tuned in with laptop later on. Edelbrock’s E-Street Crate Engine with the EFI system delivers delivers crisp throttle response and optimum mileage potential. The ECU is also made by Motorola and is extremely durable and waterproof. It can be mounted directly to the engine or fire wall.

With an included 2-year warranty on either of the three E-Street Crate Engine packages, the choice is simple. Edelbrock E-Street Crate Engines are an uncompromising package–Launch your build in no time.