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Corvette Owners Take Notice: Michelin Summer Tires May Fracture

C7 Corvettes equipped with the "Summer only" tires from Michelin may be experiencing some cracking if not cared for properly. See what Michelin said about it and what not to do with your Vette. Read More

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Video: The First Manual C7 Z06 To Break The 11-second Barrier?

Could this be the first bone-stock, manual transmission, Z07-equipped C7 Z06 to break into the 10-second range? Read more to see for yourself. Read More

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Video: C6 Z06 Performs One Smooth Drift

Watch as this Latvian driver pedals his Z06 around a very long and high speed corner through some less than ideal road conditions. Car control is the name of the game here! Read More


Video: C7 Z06 Keeps Pace With McLaren P1 On Track – But How?

Cars of this magnitude can only be fully exploited by extremely capable drivers, and that skill can sometimes make up for a performance deficit. But the realities of sharing the track with others also plays a role. Read More

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Video: Chick Takes a Ride In The New C7 Z06

It's been a while since we posted any of those famous videos of beautiful women going for rides in very fast cars, so we figured it was about time. Read More

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Video: 2015 Z06 Runs a Quarter Mile Pass In The 9s

The guys at Fasterproms have successfully pushed one of these new Z06s south of 10 seconds, running a quarter-mile pass at 9.87 seconds at 138 mph! Read More


2015 Z06 Crashes In The Rain But Was It Avoidable?

Recently a 2015 Z06 showed up at a dealership after crashing in a recent rainstorm. While we all make mistakes, this driver may have made one critical error. Read More


Pick N’ Choose: The 2015 Z06 Configurator Is Up And Running

The Z06 configurator is online now! All those hours you spent drafting your perfect Vette creation can now be fully visualized to your heart's content. Click on to hear more about this new web-based tool. Read More

Dodge Viper ACR Concept - Mopar is gearing up to hit the Strip in full force at the 2014 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, Nov. 4–7, with a fleet of Mopar-modified vehicles and hundreds of existing and prototype Mopar products. Among the “Moparized” vehicles on display will be the Dodge Viper ACR Concept, the ultimate hand-built American exotic supercar.

The Corvette Z06 vs Viper ACR Race Will Be A Fight To The Death

With a Viper ACR on the horizon, we expect the the pending battle royale to have a much tighter margin of victory than ever before – though we’d be hard pressed to wager our limited funds on either side. Read More


LMR Sets The 2015 Z06 HP Record With The Help of Nitrous Express

Thanks to the work of LMR and Nitrous Express, this 2015 Z06 is generating some enormous power and should soon be breaking some records on the quarter mile. Read More


C7 Z06 Has Its Wheels Stolen, It Only Gets Worse From There

It was just one night at his girlfriend's apartment, but the owner of this C7 Z06 won't soon forget it. Read up on this tale of thievery, woe, and idiotic witnesses. Read More


2015 Z06 Gets a New Look Thanks To ADV.1

The 2015 Z06 comes equipped from the factory with the same size wheel package that the ZR1 was equipped with, but ADV.1 has something else in mind for a wheel design. Read More


Learn to Drive a C7 Corvette at the Ron Fellows Corvette School

The Ron Fellows Corvette Owner's Driving School at Spring Mountain Motor Resort gives students tons of seat time and their Corvette-specific curriculum helps owners learn to drive their cars to the limit on track. Read More


Video: Tadge Juechter Explains The Goal With Each New Corvette

Tadge Juechter gives us a little explanation as to the goal for each future Corvette generation and how far GM has come with the C7 Stingray and Z06. Read More

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Video: 2008 Z06 Does One Quick Run at The Bay Bottom Crawl

One of the craziest street races in the U.S. is coming back to the Florida Keys soon. If you're not familiar with the Bay Bottom Crawl, click through and watch this black Z06 put down a record shattering time. Read More


Video: Tadge Juechter Gives Some Insight on the Z06 Suspension

Tadge Juechter explains how their early Nürburgring testing directly improved the Corvette Z06’s suspension tuning and how it was possible to change it so quickly. Read More

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