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Jimmie Baxter’s Take On The Ultimate Z06 Corvette

This is Jimmie Baxter's 2007 Z06 Corvette. It's only the beginning of the build, but once it's done it will be his rendition of the ultimate C6 Z06 Corvette - check it out! Read More


SRT Viper Gets $15k Price Slash to Compete With Z06

With Viper sales numbers continuing to sit flat and the new Z06 just over the horizon, Dodge makes a sizable pricing movement that may be a direct result of GM muscle. Read More


Extreme Cleaning: Step-by-Step Walkthrough on Detailing a C6

Taking care of a Corvette's appearance is no easy task, but the results are what make the effort worthwhile. Here to demonstrate this point is Todd Cooperider, a professional detailer from Ohio. Read More


2007 Z06 Vette Fighting Crime

A warrior against the war on crime in Wake County, North Carolina is a 2007 Z06 Corvette. From the highways to the classroom this soldier, with the throttle hammered down, is fighting crime at full speed. Read More


2015 Corvette Z06 Pricing Announced – MSRP Starts at Just Under $79k

Chevrolet has announced pricing for the C7 Z06, and it's a shocker - Base price for the coupe is just $78,995, while the drop-top will set buyers back $83,995. Read More

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2015 Z06 Curb Weight Revealed In Revised Order Guide

There are some changes in the 2015 Corvette order guide - some new options for the Z06 as well, including the curb weight specifications. Check it out Inside. Read More


Reader Reaction: Difference of Opinion

In this weeks Reader Reaction, we take a look at the wide range of opinions our readers have for any given car. Read More

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Chevrolet’s Engine Build Experience Not Available To All Z06 Buyers

Before you check the box for the Engine Build Experience on your Z06's build sheet, make sure your engine is being built in Bowling Green! Read More


2016 Z07 Spy Photos

Recent photos emerge of what appears to be the 2016 Z07 Corvette. Will the Z07 be the pinnacle of the seventh-generation Corvette or is there even more in development? Read More


Reader Reaction: To Honor Thy Warranty?

We asked our readers to give their opinions on whether or not the factory warranty should be considered when modifying their vehicles. Read More


Wrecked Vette Wednesday: A C5 Z06 Pilot Takes Out Innocent Fence

Take a look at the aftermath of a crash that this C5 Z06 was involved in. It looks pretty nasty, but we're glad that everyone walked away from it. Read More


Reader Reaction: Dumbest Corvette Questions

We asked our readers to post the dumbest Corvette questions they have been asked– and the results may surprise you. Read More


Corvette Museum to Keep Part of the Sinkhole?

The National Corvette Museum's board has decided to look into the long term effects of keeping the sinkhole open due to the rise in museum popularity. Read More


Drive Your Corvette to Work Day – June 27th

For one day a year, Mid America Motorworks urges Corvette owners to keep the Corvette sprit alive by driving them to work! Read More

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Video: New C7 Z06 Spotted On a Public Road, Sans Camouflage

Well, here it is– the 2015 C7 Z06 driving on public highways un-camouflaged. What an awesome sight to see! Read More


GM Trademarks “Zora.” Potential Special Edition Corvette On The Way?

General Motors has trademarked the use of the name "Zora" in regards to motor vehicles - is there a special edition Corvette in the near future? We ponder the idea inside... Read More

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