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Ronald McDonald House Giveaway: Laguna Blue 2016 Z06 AND $20K Cash

The Ronald McDonald House Charity of Central Valley is back again with their annual collector-car giveaway. Check out how you can enter and win one of three incredible cars, like this 2016 Z06. Read More


Callaway Corvette Breaks 202 MPH At Mojave Magnum Event

If a standard Corvette Z06 is too tame for you, Callaway Cars in Connecticut will happily up the ante. Like their SC757 Z06 that snaps off a 200+ mph run. Watch the POV video as the guy pegs the redline on the PDR. Read More


Dynatech Introduces C7/Z06 Stainless Steel Headers

New from Dynatech – stainless steel headers for the C7 and C7 Z06. These headers are made with 100-percent stainless steel and will net your Vette another 25 horsepower and 25 lb-ft of torque. Check 'em out! Read More

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Video – Michelle Rodriquez Hammers 1000 HP Corvette Z06

Girls and cars? Movie stars and cars? Girl movie stars and cars? Michelle Rodriquez and a 1268 hp 'Vette? Perfect! Has Yahoo Autos come up with the killer gearhead recipe? What say you? Read More


National Corvette Museum Takes Over GM Plant Tours

Looks like GM has enough of the guided tour business. Just across the street, the National Corvette Museum will now handle plant tours allowing GM to concentrate on building the best sports car in the world. Read More


LG Motorsports Debuts ZR7 Wheels For C6s and C7s

New from LG Motorsports – GR7 wheels for the C6 and C7 Corvettes. These wheels fit the Grand Sport and Z06 models of both generations, as well as ZR1 from the sixth generation. Check 'em out! Read More

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Video: Boost-Only C7 Z06 From AMP Sets New Quarter-Mile World Record

With the seemingly unlimited power-potential of the C7 Corvette, records are being set and re-set almost constantly. Check out this video of an AMP C7 that broke the 1/4 mile world record with nothing but boost. Read More


Corvette Online’s C6 Buyer’s Guide

You've been thinking about buying a late model 'Vette. You like the C6 for its looks, power and the value. With our C6 Buyers Guide, we'll get you across the finish line in the right car. Read More

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ARH Introduces New Corvette C7/Z06 Headers

ARH introduces their new line of headers and exhaust systems for the Corvette C7 and Z06 at the SEMA Show 2015. Read More


A Corvette With A CVT? Anything Is Possible!

What if Corvette was equipped with a CVT? It is not a question of whether a Corvette can have a CVT, but whether a CVT can handle a Corvette! Read More

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Video: Son Buys His Dad A 2016 Z06 For His 50th Birthday

19 year-old Lance Stewart, the famous social media subject, takes son-to-father birthday presents to a whole new level. If only we had the dough to buy brand new 'Vettes for loved ones of our own... Read More


Coastal Pictorial: Driving a ’16 ‘Vette Z06 Up The California Coast

Check out our photo heavy tour story as we drive up California's coast in a 2016 Corvette Z06 Read More


Wrecked Vette Wednesday: “Call to Schedule Your Test Drive Today!”

If you want to test drive this Z06, bring your own steering wheel, because the original one melted. Read More

Lingenfelter Stage 2 Z06

Lingenfelter Releases Stage 2 Engine Package For C7 Z06s

Lingenfelter has launched its Stage 2 engine package for supercharged LT-4 V8 found in the C7 Z06. This package takes torque and horsepower to new heights, and improves acceleration and throttle response too. Read More

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Ever Had A Callaway Z06 Delivered To Your Door?

Callaway has always been revered as one of the greatest aftermarket names to grace Corvette culture. With the rebirth of the Stingray Z06 the company stepped up to the plate and hit a home run on customizing. Read More

Bowling Green Plant

No More Laguna Blue And Shark Gray Production For The C7 After 2016

Color options for the Corvette are growing more and more limited, as the General now plans to kick Laguna Blue and Shark Gray off the C7's color wheel. Check out the article for the last dates to order. Read More

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