Video: Here’s Your Go-To Example Of Why The C6 Z06 Is So Great

How do you push your factory, daily-driver sports car from 450 RWHP to nearly 600 RWHP, with relatively minor modification? Well, you start with a C6 Z06, of course.Read More


Video: Feelin’ the Burn, Literally – C3 Goes Up In Flames

It's not easy to deal with the loss of your beloved Corvette – especially right after you spent four years restoring it. TRIGGER WARNING - Not for the faint of heart.Read More

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Time Warp Video – 1984 Corvette Promo Film

Here's a look back with a promo film about the 1984 intro of the C4 Corvette. Brylcreem, B/W DOS based computers and old school animations co-mingle in a fun glimpse of a long gone era of the auto industry.Read More


Video: Compton Sideshow Spectator Struck By Corvette

I, for one, welcome our new drone overlords, and look forward to the increased quality they will bring to the publicly-shared video record of humanity's dumbest moments.Read More


Video: Supercharged C6 Z06 Catches Fire After Half-Mile Run

In this video, we see a supercharged C6 Z06 Corvette trip the beams at more than 180 miles per hour, then burst briefly into flames on the return road.Read More

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Video: ZR1 Rendering That Breaks The Corvette Mold

This Czech Republic native shows us, with the help from Photoshop and an outrages skill set, what it takes to transform a standard photo of a vehicle into a awesome ZR1 rendering.Read More


Interview: Meet Bjorn Harms, The Mad Genius Behind The RC C6

After marveling at his videos showing the Vette doing remote controlled burnouts and donuts and seeing how cleanly integrated the system was into the car's interior, we had to find Bjorn and ask him a few questions.Read More

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Video: Homeless Guy Drives A C7 Corvette

Hmm, everybody's got an angle these days. Check out this YouTube star laying a C7 test drive on a homeless dude. Is this a heart warming hand up or click bait? Either way, the C7 Vette looks good cruising in So Cal.Read More


Video: Corvette’s PDR System Helps Arrest Corvette Street Racers

Check out this video of three Corvettes in side-by-side street racing action–as they get nailed!Read More


Video: Corvette Driver Loses It on the Freeway—Then Saves It

Let's follow along as this C4 does a 360 on the freeway, and then drives off like nothing ever happened.Read More


Video: Corvette C7 Z06 Drag Races a Lamborghini Gallardo

American supercar vs. Italian supercar. An age old rivalry and here's the latest battle. The real shocker here is the astronomical price difference between the two cars doesn't guarantee a win.Read More


Video: Speed Secrets Of The L88 Corvette

Velocity takes you behind the scene for an interview with members of the Owens Corning Racing Team, to discuss some speed secrets of the L88 Corvette that helped secure its numerous victories.Read More


Spotter’s Guide to Identifying Factory LS Intake Manifolds

There are nearly 40 different Gen III and Gen IV LS intake manifolds. This spotter's guide includes charts with applications and part numbers to help you identify the manifold you need for your engine swap.Read More


Video: First 1/4-mile Pass With The 2015 Corvette Z06

First pass captured on video of this new owner laying down a pretty nice pass to demonstrate the power of the all-new 2015 Corvette ZO6.Read More


Video How To: Moroso Performance Explains Oil Pump Pickup Clearance

In the latest How To video from Moroso Performance, the company provides a wealth of knowledge on how to properly check oil pickup-to-oil pan clearance. Check it out!Read More


Video: C5 Corvette Turned Rally Car

A pair of friends hone their rally-skills in a C5 Corvette on some twisting dirt roads.Read More