Wrecked ‘Vette Of The Week : Massachusetts C4 Gets Hung Out To Dry

This Wrecked 'Vette Wednesday has all the drama: totaled C4, attempted-escapee driver, and even debris clear up in the power lines. From the look of the wreck, it's a miracle that the driver survived.Read More

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Wrecked Vette Wednesday: C3 Vette Needs “Just a Little Work”

This 1979 Chevrolet C3 Corvette is a burned out hulk residing on a pallet in Alabama. It is up for auction and might need a little work. Needing virtually every piece replaced or restored, it is a rusty basket case.Read More


Ouch: ’72 Stingray Suffered An Accident, Looks Worse For Wear

In perfect condition, this '72 Corvette can fetch up to $22,000, but it'll take a pretty penny or two to get it there. Now up for auction on IAA, the car is looking for a new owner; is it you? Check it out!Read More


Totaled: 2011 C6 Is All Out Of Luck After Nasty Collision

The details are few, but we can't help wondering just how this C6 got so darn mutilated. Peep the pictures we found of this auction-bound Vette and tell us what your theories are.Read More


We’re Starting To Think That Wrecking C7s Is A New Fad

There are too many C7 Corvettes being wrecked, which is not good. Is this a new fad or something, because we don't like it!Read More

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Order Up! One Char-broiled C7 Stingray To Go, Please

This is a sad sight to see. Hopefully nobody was hurt when this C7 caught fire!Read More


Wrecked Vette Wednesday: A Nearly Unrecognizable C7

This Z51-equipped C7 is nearly unrecognizable as it sits at an insurance junkyard ready for auction. Hopefully the passengers were ok! Read More


There is More to This C7 Than What Meets the Eye

This C7 looks great – like it just left the detailer. Unfortunately, this Vette is clean because it was submerged and sits at the auction yard because of the flooding. Read More


Rolled C7: Another One Bites the Dust

As more and more C7s hit the road, we see an increased amount ending up in the junkyard. Take a look at this rolled C7 that will be a mechanics dream!Read More


Wrecked Vette Wednesday: Only the Good Die Young

This ultra low mileage C7 met an unfortunate fate, but as they say, "one man's trash is another man's treasure." What would you do with the heart of this monster?Read More


For Sale: C7 Stingray Only Driven Once (Through a Window)

They say that depreciation takes a huge bite off the value of a new car the moment it drives off the lot, but it's even worse when the car is driven through the showroom's front window...Read More


Video: Running and Driving Salvage Z06 Ready For LS7 Project Car Fun

Every time we see one of these body-less salvaged Corvettes our minds run wild with crazy project car ideas. This running and driving low mileage C6 Z06 especially got our gears turning. Step inside for all the info... Read More

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[Possibly] The First C7 To Get Involved In A Public Accident

It was bound to happen, sooner or later. Nothing in this world is destruction proof, and the 2014 Corvette is no exception. In what could very well be the first C7 to be involved in a public automobile accident, we caught a glimpse of this wrecked Stingray thanks to the help of our friends over at CorvetteBlogger.Read More

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Wrecked Vette Wednesday: Autocrossing C6 Gets Curbed, Hard

Usually, the worst thing that happens to your car at an autocross event is getting a cone or two stuck in the undercarriage. But sometimes, a perfect storm of conditions, course design, and control inputs can lead to serious carnage, as we see here...Read More

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Wrecked Vette Wednesday: C5 Lodged Underneath A Tractor-Trailer

Most drivers have enough common sense to avoid being in the blind spot of tractor-trailer, but then there are those who don’t or simply lack patience. One C5 driver decided that he was in too big of a rush to wait for a big rig to complete a right hand turn and paid the price.Read More


E-Brake Fail: ZR1 Rolls Down Steep Driveway Into Trailer

Imagine the horror of seeing your $110k Corvette roll down a steep driveway and into a parked trailer. This scenario is not a fictional tale of what if, but it is a first hand account of the misfortune that befell a Corvette ZR1 owner.Read More