Video: Vararam VR-X LS3 Manifold on the Dyno

We finally get a closer look at the Vararam VR-X manifold, and see how it performs on the dyno compared to both stock and aftermarket intakes.Read More


Video: An Insider’s Look At Vararam’s Cold Air Induction Systems

Vararam builds some of the slickest air induction systems out there for your Corvette. Check out the video and see how the systems come to be, from initial conception to final packaging. Read More


Vararam Industries Adds In-House Rapid Prototype Capabilites

Vararam recently added the ability to produce rapid 3D prototypes, and they can now design, test, and produce some of the most advanced intake systems on the market for late-model GM performance cars all under one roof. Hit the jump to watch the rapid prototype system in action. Read More


“Angling For More Power” – Vararam’s VR Power Wedge

It might be tempting, but don't even think of calling the VR Power Wedge a "spacer". In fact, Vararam designed the VR Power Wedge to be as thin as possible, while changing the angle of attack of the air entering the intake manifold. The result? Gains of up o 12 HP/TQ for about 10 minutes of work... Read More