Tech: LS3 Versus Coyote Budget Engine Shootout — Building the LS3

Our head to head budget build-off between Chevy's 6.2-liter LS3 and Ford's Coyote 5.0 is underway! Today we take a closer look at what components we're using to put together the LS engine. Read More

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PRI 2015: Isky Goes Needle-free With New EZ-Roll Lifters

Isky's new EZ-Roll lifters are needle free, which means in case of a failure there won't be needle-bearing shrapnel tearing up the rest of the engine. Check out the details on this unique product.Read More


SEMA 2015: PRW Industries Delivers Upgraded Rocker Arms

Everyone knows that installing a set of roller rockers can free-up some horsepower in an engine by reducing friction. Now, PRW Industries has made them even stronger. Find out more inside. Read More

Comp Cams Valve Spring-2

Video: Proper Valve Spring Set Up With Comp Cams

Valvetrain setup is one of the most important aspects of building an engine, and in this video, one of the COMP Cams valve spring engineers gives you the low-down on how to get your valve spring installation right.Read More

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SEMA 2014: PRW’s New Sheetmetal LS3 Intake And Valvetrain Hardware

PRW brought a full lineup of parts to SEMA, including their all-new hand-fabricated sheetmetal intake manifold for the LS3 engine and a full lineup of rocker arm assemblies, designed to fit over 100 applications.Read More


SEMA 2014: Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center To Offer CNC-ported LT1 Heads

Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center will soon offer CNC-ported LT1 cylinder heads. The company is finalizing port designs and also showing off a new 598ci BBC sportsman engine that makes nearly 1,200 horsepower.Read More


Video: Lunati Bootlegger Camshafts Trilogy – Teaser For Part Three

When you hear bootlegger, if you're a gearhead you might think about a musclecar - a fast one that can outrun anything. Lunati's new Bootlegger Camshafts are designed for power where you need it the most.Read More


Lunati’s New Bootlegger Camshaft Series Has Strong Race Influences

Drawing heavily from race designs, the new Bootlegger camshaft series from Lunati takes the street cam debate to a different level with a strong torque curve and meaty exhaust note. Check out the details.Read More


Swap Cams With Ease on Your Gen IV LS Motor

Finally, changing camshafts on a Gen IV LS engine has become a process that doesn't require the removal of a kidney and a few toes. Check out this sweet two-piece billet timing cover from Hamburger's Performance!Read More


LS Rocker Arm Tech with COMP Cams

COMP offers a range of solutions for upgrading your LS valvetrain with better rocker arm performance and reliability, from bearing kits to full-blown shaft mount rockers.Read More


Building a C5 for Autocross and Open Track, Part 1: Engine Upgrades

We've got a C5 Corvette that's slated to be an open track/autocross machine after receiving upgrades in the Power Automedia shop. Check out the first round of modifications inside!Read More


PRI 2013: CV Products Really is “Everything Racing”

When CV Products says "Everything Racing," they mean it! With more than 250 different brands offered, plus their own in-house manufacturing, they're a one-stop wonderland for any racer or builder.Read More


SEMA 2013: Comp Cams Releases LT1 Cams, New Conical Valve Spring

Comp Cams announced the release of a new conical valve spring along with new camshafts for the LT1 engine and a Sportsman line of solid roller lifters for race engines. Check out all the details inside!Read More


Tech: How To Use A Cloyes Hex-A-Just Timing Set

The Cloyes Hex-A-Just true roller timing chain set allows finite cam adjustment after installation, up to six degrees in either direction (advanced or retarded). We install one and show how it works. Read More


Crane Cams’ Muscle Car Camshaft Guide

Crane Cams knows the muscle car industry, in fact, they've been around since the early 50's. If you own an iconic muscle car and are looking for a cam from that era, a Blueprint cam might just be what you want.Read More


Crane Cams Founder Harvey J. Crane Jr. Passes Away

Harvey J. Crane Jr., founder of Crane Cams and aftermarket automotive expert for over 60 years in the industry, quietly passes away on Friday, May 31. He will be remembered for all of his amazing contributions through the decades.Read More