New Product: Edelbrock’s Cross-Ram Intake Manifold for the LS3

After over 3 years of development, Edelbrock released a innovative new cross-ram intake manifold for fourth generation LS engines.Read More


Corvette Crystal Ball – Mid-Engined, Twin-Turbo V6 ZR1 Coming?

More mid-engine Corvette rumors have arisen, this time claiming the prospective car will wear the ZR1 name and have a twin-turbo V6. GM has invested $439 million into Corvette production as well. Hmmmm.Read More


Video: This 2,400 Horsepower Corvette Is Hard To Contain

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much horsepower, as this twin-turbo Corvette struggling to get traction demonstrates. Read More


Sidnei Frigo’s New Pro Modified C7 Corvette Nears Finish Line

Brazilian drag racer Sidnei Frigo is soon to debut this sleek new Pro Modified C7 Corvette, built by Jerry Bickel Race Cars and powered by a ProLine Racing Hemi with twin Precision turbos.Read More

2400 2

Video: Freakin’ Fast 2400 HP Twin Turbo C6 Hoons the Highway

Meet "Howard Hoon" and his 2,400 hp C6 Corvette. A ferocious, bucking beast, this thing is packing a serious punch. As you'll see, with slicks and a chute, all this horsepower should be on the track.Read More

FR8 2

Video: FR8TRN And Scorch TV Handle Business With A Grudge Match

After a long year of smack-talking between FR8TRN and ScorchTV, they finally meet at Streetcar Takeover in St. Louis, Missouri, and handle things with a good ol' heads-up grudge match.Read More


Fabberge Boosts C6 Z06 Performance with Dominator Twin Turbo Power

The C6 Corvette Z06 is an awesome performance car just as it was delivered from the factory. But for those who want more, Fabberge can turn awesome into unbelievable...Read More


Video: 1,500 HP Twin Turbo Corvette Almost Wrecks on the Street

Driving a 1,500 horsepower Corvette on the street is cool. Almost losing control and crashing into not one but two Nissan GT-R's definitely is not cool.Read More


Video: 1,500 Horsepower C6 Z06 Corvette at the Dragstrip

Is it wrong to devote a Corvette, and especially a Z06, to straight line performance? Well, if it's wrong, we don't want to be right after viewing this video...Read More


SEMA 2014: STS Turbo Gives C7s Full-Throttle Fun With New Turbo Kits

STS Turbo was all spooled up at the SEMA Show last week, showing us an incredible twin turbo kit for the new C7s. Can you guess how much horsepower their display Stingray makes at the wheels? Click here to find out.Read More


Video: Keith Berry Goes 3.99, 3.97 During Bradenton Test Session

Keith berry laid down the second pass in history on Drag Radials in less than four seconds on Wednesday in testing with his LSX-powered, twin-turbocharged Corvette, going 3.99 at 187 miles per hour.Read More

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 4.26.06 PM

Late Model Racecraft Breaks Another 1/4 Mile Record – Their Own!

LMR is at it again! This time, breaking their own record - these guys just won't stop churning out awesomeness.Read More

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.25.46 AM

LMR’s Twin-turbo C7 Blows Through The Quarter With A 10.2 @ 140 mph

Late Model Racecraft never ceases to impress us. Their LMR800 twin-turbo package definitely livens up the C7! Check out the quarter-mile run in the post!Read More

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Video: A Ride in the World’s Most Powerful C7, Built by LMR

LMR's twin-turbo C7 is arguably the highest horsepower Stingray in the world as of right now. Check out the video for a dyno run and some freeway pulls with their beautiful co-pilot.Read More


Video: Hennessey’s Twin-Turbo Stingray Shows Its Love For Asphalt

Listen to the beautiful sound of two rear-mounted turbochargers force air to the remarkable LT1 engine in Hennessey's sinister HPE700 Corvette Stingray - a sound you don't want to miss!Read More


Video: Z06 Versus Dodge 2500 Diesel Machine in Sweden

Can a 760-horsepower diesel out-drag a modded C6 Z06 Corvette? Watch and find out...Read More