Video: Ear-Porn – Matt Farah Tracks An Angry-Sounding ’16 Z06

Motorsports are full of technology and advancements, but sometimes it's the simple things that remind us why we love cars. This Z06 has super-tech, but it's sound is what has us picking our jaws up off the floor.Read More


Diablosport Launches Tuning Support For The C6 ZR1

New from Diablosport – tuning support for the 2009-13 Corvette ZR1. Tuning can now be done on the company's platforms including inTune i2 and Trinity, and will unleash another 23 horsepower and 29 lb-ft of torque.Read More


Tech: Tuning Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Street Demon Carburetor

Holley's Street Demon is a beast of its own. We tune into the operational differences of the Street Demon carburetor as compared to a traditional-style Holley, and show the available adjustments and their effects.Read More


CC Tech Tackles Tri-Power Tuning and Troubleshooting

Some of the most desirable C3 engine combinations are the 1967-1969 Tri-Power 427ci big blocks, rated at either 400 or 435 horsepower from the factory. But they can be a challenge to keep in top running order...Read More


Dynojet: When You Need To Measure Much More Than Power And Torque

When someone says they're putting a car on a dyno, the first thing that comes to mind is the horsepower. But today's dynamometers provide much more data to help achieve even better numbers through proper tuning.Read More


Throttle Works Releases Dyno Tuning Laptop Mount

New from Throttle Works – a Dyno Tuning Laptop Mount. This mount has a heavy duty suction cup bracket that holds up 110 pounds and pivots in six different places to offer utility in a multitude of applications.Read More


PRI 2015: Dynocom’s New Quantum Software and AFR System

Everyone is looking for a way to make tuning easier. Dynocom's newest version of its Quantum software, along with its new AFR should help EFI tuners do both on the dyno. We check out the newest features at PRI 2015.Read More


PRI 2015: EFILive Unlocks The Potential of GM Gas Vehicles

Not for the inexperienced tuner, EFILive offers powerful hardware and software solutions for tuning late model GM vehicles. With multiple features and methods for manipulating tables and tools for proper tuning.Read More

Dynocom w Vid Bug

SEMA 2015: Dynocom Quantum Software Innovates Dyno Tuning

Dynocom's Quantum software will put more vital data at tuners' fingertips so they can make better informed power output decisions and customers will love having seamless access to charts for social media posting.Read More


SEMA 2015: Dynojet Turns Focus To Third-Party Tuner Integration

Dynojet has put its focus during 2015 on third-party integration, working with tuner manufacturers to introduce new opportunities for data integration for its customers.Read More


DiabloSport Has Supercharged Corvette Tuning For 2015 Z06

Diablosporthas introduced its new pre-loaded performance tunes for the Supercharged 2015 Corvette Z06, allowing for up to 30 horsepower and 20 lb-ft. of torque over the stock ZO6.Read More


Terminator, HP, Dominator – A Look at the Holley EFI Family

Whether you want to convert a classic musclecar from carburation to EFI, run a six-second drag car, or anything in between, Holley offers a fuel injection solution.Read More


AEM Releases Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Sensor Kits

AEM's new Fuel Ethanol Content (Flex Fuel) Sensor Kits ensure optimum engine calibration for a performance vehicle's fuel ethanol content. Check them out!Read More


Video: Suped-Up ZR1 Works Out On G-Force Motorsports’ Dynojet Dyno

A 2009 ZR1 rolls into the garage at G-Force Motorsports and gets strapped to the Dynojet dyno. What happens next? You've got to watch to find out!Read More


SEMA 2014: HP Tuners Has Your Tuning and Track Telemetry Needs Met

HP Tuners has many great products now available for your vehicles related to tuning, data, and video. Look at their new products if you are serious about tuning or on-track performance.Read More


SEMA 2014: Jet Performance Products Discusses Tuning, Carbs, & More

Jet Performance Products can help with a number of tuning needs as well as their line of throttle bodies, carburetors, and carb rebuilding services.Read More