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AEM Releases Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Sensor Kits

AEM's new Fuel Ethanol Content (Flex Fuel) Sensor Kits ensure optimum engine calibration for a performance vehicle's fuel ethanol content. Check them out! Read More


Video: Suped-Up ZR1 Works Out On G-Force Motorsports’ Dynojet Dyno

A 2009 ZR1 rolls into the garage at G-Force Motorsports and gets strapped to the Dynojet dyno. What happens next? You've got to watch to find out! Read More


SEMA 2014: HP Tuners Has Your Tuning and Track Telemetry Needs Met

HP Tuners has many great products now available for your vehicles related to tuning, data, and video. Look at their new products if you are serious about tuning or on-track performance. Read More


SEMA 2014: Jet Performance Products Discusses Tuning, Carbs, & More

Jet Performance Products can help with a number of tuning needs as well as their line of throttle bodies, carburetors, and carb rebuilding services. Read More


Video: The Dynojet Success Story

Dynojet's effects on the automotive aftermarket are vast and wide, but how are its dynamometers important to the companies that use them? This video poses the question to several tuning companies across the USA. Read More


PRI 2013: Dynocom 15,000 Series And The Importance Of Repeatability

From shops doing drivability and diagnostics, to those looking to tune cars or trucks making over 2,000 hp, Dynocom offers an array of products to fit any shop's needs. They show us some new innovations as well. Read More


PRI 2013: New Dynojet DynoWare RT Dyno Electronics and Software

At this year's PRI show Dynojet introduced their powerful new DynoWare RT electronics and PowerCore software that offer high resolution data for tuners who want to maximize their tuning and data capability. Read More


SCT Now Offering Custom Tuning Certification Via Online Course

If you have always wanted to become a certified SCT Custom Tuner but haven't been able to make it to Florida for the tuning courses, there's good news. We have the details on how to take them from your shop. Read More


SEMA 2013: HP Tuners Tackles the Latest and Greatest Factory EFI

We caught up with HP's Jay Payson at this year's SEMA show to see what's new, and he told us that they already have customers tuning the new C7 Corvette Stingray with their system. Read More


Video: Livernois Motorsports Tunes the C7 Corvette Stingray

New 2014 Corvettes are just hitting dealership showrooms, and Livernois already has a tune available that unlocks extra performance. Check out the results... Read More


Video: 2014 Corvette and Camaro Z/28 Caught at the Nürburgring

Not only do we get to see and hear the 2014 Corvette Stingray tackling the Green Hell, but as an added bonus a camouflaged and wicked-sound 2014 Camaro Z/28 makes a special guest appearance. Read More


HP Tuners Announces 2014 Camaro SS and ZL1 Calibration Support

HP Tuners is debuting calibration support for the 2014 Camaro SS and ZL1, ensuring that these late-fifth-gen Camaros, get access to all the options previous model year cars have enjoyed. Read More

Injector Experts 075

Injector Experts Cleans Up Our Act

Most fuel injectors can be serviced and brought back to health relatively inexpensively when they decide to misbehave - Injector Experts can clean most of the common types for just $20 a pop, check it out here. Read More


Dynamometer 101 – Spinning ‘Round the World with Dynojet

The dynamometer is the handiest tool in your toolbox - it can assist you in diagnosing many issues along with providing the real-world horsepower and torque figures your car puts to the ground. Check it out here! Read More


Introducing the JMS Mass Air Modifier For Your Late-Model Musclecar

One of the most problematic electronic components on pretty much any late-model car, is the mass air flow sensor. Our friends over at JMS have come up with a solution to eliminate any potential problems with their new Mass Air Modifier. Read all of the details inside to learn more. Read More


PRI 2012: Dyno Dynamics Shows Off Full Range of Dynomometers

Dyno Dynamics introduces it's most affordable, most portable and most user friendly two-wheel drive dynamometer at this year's PRI show. Produced as an entry-level line, the Dynatech series dynamometers bring 30 years of technology without a huge price tag. Read more here. Read More

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