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Mobile Madness: A 1974 C3 That Puts Out Over 1,300 HP

Custom-made Corvettes don't come a whole lot crazier than this–a 1974 convertible packing a 522 cubic-inch Merlin V8, twin Whipple superchargers, and more gloss black paint than you can shake a stick at! Read More


aFe’s Momentum Intake Gets Installed and Tested in the 2014 Stingray

We show the step-by-step process of installing an AFE cold air intake into a C7 Stingray, driving impressions, and a dyno pull to show the aftermarket improvements possible with the new Corvette! Read More


Video: Vararam VR-X LS3 Manifold on the Dyno

We finally get a closer look at the Vararam VR-X manifold, and see how it performs on the dyno compared to both stock and aftermarket intakes. Read More


PRI 2014: FAST Introduces Modifiable LSXr Intake Manifolds

FAST is living up to its name with the new LSXr intake manifolds for LS3s and L92s. Debuting at PRI, they made a splash due to their modular design and low-to-high levels of performance capability. Read More


Video: The Dynojet Success Story

Dynojet's effects on the automotive aftermarket are vast and wide, but how are its dynamometers important to the companies that use them? This video poses the question to several tuning companies across the USA. Read More

Corsa Corvette C6 Air Intake #45962 hi-res

CORSA Comes Out With New Intakes For C6s

CORSA's new cold air intake kits are here to make your C6 sing. See increased output levels and better sound in as little as 30 minutes of installation time. Read More

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.48.17 AM

Video: Regular Car Reviews’ Hilarious Take on the C3 Corvette

This is RegularCars' view on the C3 Corvette and it's guaranteed to bring you lots of laughs. Check it out and let us know your thoughts on the video in the comments! Read More


SEMA 2013: Powermaster Starters And Alternators Get You In Gear

If you want something that can really kick that high-compression engine into gear now, rather than later, Powermaster Performance Starters and Alternators has exactly what you need. Read More


Vision Wheels’ New Torque Model Adds to Legend Series Lineup

Give your classic car the look it deserves with a fresh set of aggressive wheels. Vision Wheels has just the thing with their new Torque model. Read More

Hedman 84-91 C4 Corvette Emissions Legal Headers - 66447 - rgb

Hedman Hedders’ Street Legal Headers for C4 Corvettes

As a result of emissions regulations, the C4's 350 small block V8 was severely limited in its ability to deliver power. Hedman's Hedders is here to address the problem with its latest headers. Replacing the factory exhaust manifolds, these parts are engineered to maximize exhaust flow for your Corvette. Read More


Horsepower on the Fly with AEM’s AQ-1 Data Logger and Dyno-Shaft

They say that knowledge is power. AEM's Dyno-Shaft and AQ-1 data logger show us the way to putting down more power at the track, and maximizing our race day setup. We explain some of the many ways the Dyno-Shaft can be used as a horsepower measurement and a tuning tool. Read More

LG Trans 3

An Inside Look at LG Motorsports/Emco Corvette Sequential Gear Box

This isn't just another beefed up T56 rebuild. No sir. The LG/Emco Sequential 6-speed gear box is max effort racing transmission made to stand up to the worst beatings Grand Am racing could throw at it, but yet can work with your own C5/C6. We talked with LG about the gear box, and have all the details inside... Read More


Edmunds Stacks the 2013 Viper Against the 2012 ZR1 on the Dyno

Same day. Same dyno. 'Nuff said. Read More


SEMA 2012: Dynocom Announces Upgrades to 5000 Series Chassis Dyno

Redesigned roller shafts, a high-flow fan for the eddy brake and an undercarriage convenience LED light are the latest upgrades to the Dynocom 5000 Series chassis dyno. The Texas-based company also announced at SEMA the introduction an entry-level Dyno X model with a starting price of $10,995. Read More


Get A Heavy Duty Pressure Plate For Your LS With Mantic Clutch

In Australia the LS scene is just as popular as it is here in America, with the enthusiasts and the aftermarket clamoring for the latest performance parts in the industry. Mantic Clutch is one of Australia's leading clutch experts, and they just launched a new line of pressure plates available here in the US. Read More


How to Choose the Right Torque Converter

A performance torque converter is one of the best bang-for-your-buck upgrades you can do to a car with an automatic trans. But how do you know what converter is right for your specific car? The experts at TCI walk us through just what a torque converter is, how it works, and how you can find the right one for you. Read More