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PRI 2015: FiTech Makes EFI Conversion Even Easier

New EFI systems from FiTech are true carb-replacement projects since spark is not part of the swap. Just add two sensors and hook up four wires. Too easy!Read More

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PRI 2015: Built For Boost: Wilson Manifolds Billet Elbows

Wilson Manifolds added a full-length plenum divider to its line of billet elbows to allow more efficient flow into the engine. The elbows are offered in popular Ford and Chevy throttle body bolt patterns.Read More


Engine Tech: Basic EFI Tuning Advice From Brian Macy

The EFI Store's Brian Macy guides us through trick tips to refocusing on basic tasks when switching to electronic fuel injection to solve engine issues and make more horsepower.Read More


PRI 2014: Borla Induction Adapting Vintage-style Throttle Bodies

Borla Induction can build vintage-style EFI intakes that resemble Weber or Hilborn setups, and now the company will retrofit old Weber intakes to accept modern throttle bodies that match the old carbs.Read More

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Lingenfelter Releases Programmable Clutch And Throttle Switch

Turning on external throttle-controlled accessories has been a challenge for drive-by-wire equipped vehicles - until now. Check out Lingenfelter Performance Engineering's controller that simplifies the task.Read More


“Angling For More Power” – Vararam’s VR Power Wedge

It might be tempting, but don't even think of calling the VR Power Wedge a "spacer". In fact, Vararam designed the VR Power Wedge to be as thin as possible, while changing the angle of attack of the air entering the intake manifold. The result? Gains of up o 12 HP/TQ for about 10 minutes of work... Read More


SEMA 2012: BORLA Goes With The Flow – New Induction Systems

BORLA set out do what you wouldn't expect most exhaust companies to do; complete inductions systems. BORLA's all-new induction systems feature polished finishes and powder-coating to ECU kits, fuel injectors, high-pressure fuel pumps and more. Find out more, right here.Read More


SEMA 2012: Edelbrock Hits Easy Street With E-Street EFI Fuel Systems

Edelbrock's E-Street EFI offers all the benefits of fuel injection without the complications of installing numerous wiring harness or knowing how to set complicated fuel mapping in a computer. With three different fuel system choices, installing an EFI is even more simplified than before.Read More


FAST Introduces Their New Stealthy Black 92mm Intake Manifold

Finally - everyone who is obsessed with the appearance of what's under their hood can sleep easy tonight and dream of a stealthy new black FAST LSX 92mm Intake! You asked for it, and FAST has delivered. Get all the details inside...Read More


Go FAST: The Basics To Fuel Injection 101

The carburetor is a way of life for some people. Could it be easier or cheaper? Maybe it's all they know as far as getting fuel into their engine. Have they considered fuel injection and all the benefits that come from it? We decided to share with you the basics of fuel injection and just how easy it can be!Read More


SEMA 2011: New FAST LS 102mm Plate System From Nitrous Express

FAST's intakes such as the LSXR 102 have become increasingly popular for GM's LS family of engines, and thanks to a new 102mm Plate System from Nitrous Express designed specifically for the FAST 102 intakes, pouring the juice to your LSXR-equipped powerplant is simpler than ever.Read More


From Junk To Champ: Rebuilding A Swap Meet Holley 850 For Cheap

There’s nothing like the look and feel from a Holley double-pumper carburetor. However, just like other mechanical parts, a carb needs periodic rebuilding to keep it metering efficiently. We show you some tips and give the step by step details on how to rebuild one for your mill.Read More