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Corvette Racing Le Mans 2012

Corvette Racing Completes Initial Le Mans Testing

Corvette Racing recently completed its own testing, putting eight straight hours of stress-testing on their C6.R race cars. This will likely be the last Le Mans for the venerable Corvette C6, and it would be a nice sendoff to go out on top.Read More


LeMons Corvette Is A Biodiesel-Powered Oddity

The Corvegge is a 24 Hours of Lemons racer with a 77-horsepower Olds 350 diesel engine powered by biodiesel. If that isn't weird, funky, and kind-of-cool-but-only-in-a-not-why-but-why-not-way, we don't know what is.Read More


Ride Along with Corvette Racing’s Jordan Taylor at Le Mans Practice

By now, Corvette Racing rookie Jordan Taylor is well seasoned behind the wheel of the team’s C6.Rs and you can tell by the confidence in which he pilots his car in every competition.But Taylor didn’t get that way strictly by competing, he has also gained a lot of experience this year in practices like this. Read More


Get Your Copy of the ’12 Corvette Brochure in Time for the Holidays

Everything from Corvette Racing’s Le Mans win to the use of a LS7 V8 power plant to the car's frame is discussed by the men of Corvette. In reading through the brochure, it is obvious that Chevrolet and Corvette alike are serious about their Track to Street performance. Read More

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Video: Chevrolet Runs Deep with 100 Years of Racing Heritage

From the Indianapolis 500 where Chevrolet has taken seven wins and provided 22 pace cars over the last century, to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series where Chevrolet has dominated 680 races, Chevrolet has definitely proven to run deep here in America.Read More