California Bill To Exempt Pre-1981 From Smog Testing Passes Senate

Though this is not its first rodeo, the House Bill to extend smog inspection exemptions to pre-1981 has gone further this time around, but it still needs your support.Read More


Committee Approves Bill To Exempt Pre-1981 Vehicles From Smog Test

Legislation to exempt emissions testing on pre-1981 vehicles is once again in the news. This time the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee approved the legislation. Next step needs your help.Read More


Optima Batteries Answers: What Happens When A Battery Freezes?

When the temperatures drop, the dangers of battery abuse go up. Optima Batteries walks us through the proper way to treat a battery that has been frozen, no matter the application. See more inside.Read More


Spotted In The Shop: LG Motorsports’ C7 Is Getting Some Big Upgrades

LG Motorsports is doing it yet again, making Corvettes go from bone stock to ready to rock. This new Stingray went for a treatment involving headers, methanol, supercharging, and more. Check out the dyno results!Read More


This C7 Corvette Daytona Prototype Puts in The Laps

The Action Express Daytona Prototype C7 did some testing in Daytona and was able to make some confidence building progress.Read More


Video: Yellow Z06 Goes Backwards On A Freeway (Sort Of)

This 2015 C7 has been dealt a bad hand, but is well on its way to getting better. The Detroit-bound supercar may have been the same one seen crashing at the Nürburgring recently.Read More


Z06 Test Day at the Nurburgring Comes to one Abrupt Ending

The 2015 Z06 Corvette recently seen thundering down track at the Nurburgring, may have crashed before the testing day was complete, shown here in a picture of the aftermath.Read More

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 7.52.13 AM

Video: Z06 Roars Down the Track While Testing at the Nurburgring

Although the footage is fairly short, it is awesome to see the Z06 doing what it does best at the Nurburgring. With an impressive exhaust note, watch the new Z06 thunder through the German road course.Read More


Lend Energy Suspension A Helping Hand And Get A Sweet Upgrade

Energy Suspension's specialty in polyurethane components has been pleasing a varied base of customers for over 25 years. And right now, the company is looking for your help as part of its latest R&D Vehicle Program.Read More


Spotted: Instrumented C7 Test Mule on a Transporter in Oklahoma

This car bears the hallmarks of the early test fleet, including round LED taillights. Is it still actively in test service, or is this its last ride back home to an unknown and anonymous fate?Read More


Edelbrock In Search Of Test Vehicles For E-Force Superchargers

Edelbrock engineers some 200 new products each and every year, and that takes a lot of research and development on a range of vehicles, many of them coming direct from their customers.Read More


Video: 2014 Corvette and Camaro Z/28 Caught at the Nürburgring

Not only do we get to see and hear the 2014 Corvette Stingray tackling the Green Hell, but as an added bonus a camouflaged and wicked-sound 2014 Camaro Z/28 makes a special guest appearance.Read More

Injector Experts 075

Injector Experts Cleans Up Our Act

Most fuel injectors can be serviced and brought back to health relatively inexpensively when they decide to misbehave - Injector Experts can clean most of the common types for just $20 a pop, check it out here.Read More


Video: C7 Corvette Caught in High Altitude Testing

We are just a little bit envious of the Chevy employees who's job description reads something like, "Drive the best Corvette yet through stunning scenery on winding mountain roads to confirm it is awesome"...Read More

C7 Testing-4

C7 Caught Testing Against European Exotics and a C6 ZR1

In a case of, "Wish we could have been there," a pre-production C7 Stingray was caught testing against some of European's finest automotive exotica. Oh, and against a C6 ZR1 too. The Euro sports cars in question, include an Audi R8 V10, a Ferrari 458, a Porsche 911 S, and last but not least, the McLaren MP4-12C.Read More


Vararam Industries Adds In-House Rapid Prototype Capabilites

Vararam recently added the ability to produce rapid 3D prototypes, and they can now design, test, and produce some of the most advanced intake systems on the market for late-model GM performance cars all under one roof. Hit the jump to watch the rapid prototype system in action. Read More