Video: Corvette-Shaped Funny Car Fights The Icy Streets In Norway

In case you weren't sure about what happens when you combine racing slicks with ice-covered asphalt, here's a C4-shaped funny car living up to its name over in Norway. Watch and laugh to your heart's content.Read More

LPE 900HP Engine-4x

Lingenfelter Now Offers 900 Horsepower Crate Engines

Lingenfelter has decided to expand its standard crate-engine product line to include one that kicks out a whopping 900 horsepower. This sweetheart will be an off-the-shelf, stocked product.Read More

DTE C6 Differential

DTE Performance Differentials for High-Powered C5 and C6 Corvettes

DTE Performance gives you its latest differentials for your C5 or C6 with three new lineups: Stock, Street, and Sportsman. Great if you need a complete rebuild, or just a simple gear change. Read More


Inside Colorado’s Dragon Pro Street Engineering

Although the winter season means no racing and rarely driving your performance car here in Colorado, Dragon Pro Street Engineering, a local performance shop, is changing the idea of a miserable winter into an exciting time to modify cars for the good weather to come. But this isn’t just your ordinary shop...Read More


SEMA 2012: Advanced Clutch Technology Makes Your Life Easier

Of course, to be able to honestly keep the word "Advanced" in the company name, ACT has to not just keep pace with progress in the aftermarket, but stay on the leading edge. They're constantly adding new applications, and new technology.Read More

DCF 1.0

Corvette Central Tech Explains Brake Bedding

CC Tech, Corvette Central's how-to library, recently added an excellent piece on brake bedding that's a must-read for anyone who does their own pad changes. Even if your a "do it for me" kind of owner, it's still worth reading and absorbing, because you will most likely be the person doing the break-in.Read More