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Tales From The Crimp: Wire Your Project Like A Pro With Pertronix

Do you want to wire your next project like a pro? We show you a couple new tools from Pertronix that are a must-have for anyone who likes to work on electrical wiring. Once you use it, you'll wonder why you waited.Read More


SEMA 2014: ACCEL Creates Selector Tool, Eases Correct Part Matching

ACCEL is an iconic brand that is on a comeback trail and aims to make parts selection easier, with less confusion an unnecessary questions. Expect to see their Kit Selector Tool this coming January 2015.Read More


Basic Musclecar Ignition System Upgrades

A bare bones guide to upgrading ignition systems from the basics of switching from points to an ignitor style system all the way through systems that involve a new distributor, coil, and control box.Read More


SEMA 2013: Performance Distributors’ “Sultans of Spark” LS Coils

For anyone with a high-compression naturally aspirated engine, or a boosted LS that tends to "blow out" the spark under load, PD's Sultans of Spark coils offer improved ignition performance the easy wayRead More


Performance Distributors’ New Ignition Coils for LS Applications

Check out Performance Distributors' new ignition coils LS applications: dubbed S.O.S. (Sultans of Spark), these coils allow you to open up your plug gaps to .065" and thus burn fuel more completely for better power.Read More


Champion Offers Rebate on Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs

Seeing as it's going to be fired millions of times a year, a spark plug should be one of those items that you spend a little extra on for the best quality. Now, some of that money can be be saved thanks to Champion's latest rebate offer on select spark plugs and glow plugs.Read More


The Ins And Outs Of An MSD Ignition System

Many have fallen victim to fighting ignition issues because they don’t properly understand ignition systems and how they work. Instead of constantly fighting this battle or paying someone to work on your ignition, many misfires can be solved by looking back at the basics of an ignition system.Read More


Welcome PerTronix Performance Products To The Power Automedia Family

PerTronix Performance Products has been innovating ignition products since the early 1970's and has application coverage for nearly any vehicle you can imagine. We are proud to have them as part of the Power Automedia family.Read More


SEMA 2012: Pulstar Pulse Plug

Pulstar is a name not many people will be familiar with, but their full line of pulse spark plugs is ever growing. They currently offer a spark plug for virtually every late-model musclecar out there, and they even carry a line of spark plugs for trucks and motorcycles.Read More


Keep Your Cool During The Summer Months

Every summer, teams and drivers have to battle the elements - it's just part of racing. Over this two part series we are going to take a look at what you can do to your car, engine, and yourself to prepare for the hRead More


Pulstar Spark Plugs Wins Major Customer Satisfaction Award

Enerpulse's Pulstar pulse plugs have been given the Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement award. That's a fancy way of saying their pulse plugs really do deliver better fuel economy and performance at a competitive price.Read More


PRI 2011: Champion Spark Plugs Continues to Bring New Technology

At the 2011 PRI trade show, we checked in with Richard Keller of Champion Spark Plugs to find out how Champion deals with ever changing technology in automotive engines and fuels to provide a spark plug that lasts and is a good value. Read More


SEMA 2011: Pulstar’s New Power Sport Plugs

Pulstar plugs are known throughout the automotive industry as a way to add horsepower and fuel mileage. They have seen such good results that, everyone has been keeping a close eye out for a Pulstar high-performance plug for quite some time. Well we got some good news at SEMA 2011! Read More

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SEMA 2011: Taylor Cables – Firing America’s Finest Rides

Since 1923, Taylor Cable Products have been firing the spark plugs in everything from World War I aircraft and 1930’s street rods to professional race cars and hard core off roaders. That is just a shade under 90 years that they have been providing products for America’s cars. Read More


MSD Shows You How to Assemble Universal Spark Plug Wires

If you have a muscle car that has an engine swap under the hood, finding the perfect spark plug wires to fit your Frankenstein ride can be a big challenge. MSD has just posted up a new video that will show you all you need to know to cut and crimp the wires for your car with either type of end connector. Read More