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Video: Proof That You Can Make Your C5 Better With The Help Of A C6

In the world of LS-swaps, sometimes it seems like the more wild and out-of-the-box the transplant, the better a swap it is. However, Travis and his LS3-swapped C5 prove that even LS-cars can benefit from an LS-swap.Read More


Video: Here’s Your Go-To Example Of Why The C6 Z06 Is So Great

How do you push your factory, daily-driver sports car from 450 RWHP to nearly 600 RWHP, with relatively minor modification? Well, you start with a C6 Z06, of course.Read More


Corvette Online’s C7 Buyers Guide

Can it be? Has the Corvette C7 reached middle age? Almost four years and 75,000 units later, the latest 'Vette is now plentiful on the resale market. Here's a overview of what to look for when buying a used C7.Read More


“New” 405 Horsepower ZZ6 Small-Block Chevy V8

The small-block Chevy has been a staple of hot rods and project cars for nearly five decades, and GM is now offering its most powerful iteration yet. Check out the all-new 350 cubic-inch small-block!Read More


Video: Roll Racing In A Tube Chassis Nitrous Huffing ‘Vette!

From the "Never Seen That Before" files, 1320 Video brings us footage of a full-on drag car taking more traditional roll-racing rides behind the woodshed at Street Car Takeover in Oklahoma City. Check it out!Read More


Edelbrock’s Do-It-Yourself Crate Engine Kits Complete The Process

The Edelbrock Do-It-Yourself kit is an all-in-one unit, here to take care of all the bits and pieces of your SBC build from top to bottom. See details inside.Read More


SEMA 2013: Edelbrock EFI Crate Engine Package Saves Time, Money

Edelbrock's new E-Street EFI crate engine offers power, reliability, and ease of installation while not breaking the bank.Read More


Dyno Video: Katech Performance Adds 23 Horsepower to LT1 Engine

Katech Performance has the new C7 Corvette LT1 engine on the dyno, testing air-induction options, headers, camshafts and cylinder-head modifications. Read all about it here!Read More


Video: L-82 Corvette Fired For the First Time in 15 Years

The last time this Corvette rolled down the road under its own power was in 1998. In the time since, it has been left out in the elements, but even sitting for that long can't keep a good small block down. Click the link to watch this '79 Vette come back to life after 15 years...Read More


Dart’s LS Engine Block, Updates SBC and SBF Aluminum

At the SEMA show Dart Heads released their brand new LS block, the first of it's kind from Dart. For the PRI show, Dart has their updated aluminum small block Chevy and small block Ford engine blocks. Read More


PRI 2012: BluePrint Pro-Series Engines and New Big-Blocks

BluePrint Engines introduces their new Pro-Series engine line with up to 825 hp available, as well as an all-new exclusive Chevy big-block design. Featuring a leading warranty backed engine, and some of the most affordable street or race engines around - check out what's in store for Twenty 13!Read More


Video: Homebuilt Trike with Corvette Power is as Scary as it Sounds

This homebuilt trike features a Corvette engine, a console shifter, and a set of handlebars we wouldn't use if you paid us. The owner brags that the trike is on its maiden voyage and has completed 200 miles to date.Read More


eBay Find: 1965 Corvette Gasser

Someone decided at some point in this '65 Corvette's life that it would be better off as a gasser than a daily driver. Now this hardcore, flat black Corvette from the height of the muscle era can be yours... if the price is right.Read More


Video: Flowmaster Tests 7 Different Mufflers On One Small-Block

Flowmaster offers a wide variety of different mufflers for your specific application. To highlight the difference in sound and technology, they've put together this handy video highlighting how each muffler works and sounds. Compare the sounds and see which muffler you like.Read More

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Video: Valve Lash Made Easy with Proform

Proform Parts have their hands in a little bit of everything, especially when it comes to making engine building easier for the everyday garage mechanic. They've came out with an incredibly easy and affordable set of tools to set your valve lash anywhere and anytime you need to get the job done Click here!Read More