010069 Corvette Cat Shield_edited-1

DEI Introduces C7 Corvette Catalytic Converter Heat Shield

New from DEI – the C7 catalytic converter heat shield. This shield will prevent the engine oil from overheating and therefore keep the ECM happy and have the engine running at full power. Check it out!Read More

DEI Ultra 47 Turbo Shield

Decrease Turbo Lag With DEI’s Ultra 47 Turbo Shield Kit

Introduced at the 2015 SEMA show, decrease turbo lag with DEI's new Ultra 47 Turbo Shield designed for OEM or aftermarket T-3 or T-4 turbos. Fits turbos by Garrett, Precision, TIAL, Turbonetics or Borg-Warner.Read More


XPEL’s ULTIMATE Self-Healing Paint Protection Preserves Corvettes

XPEL Ultimate can help you keep your Corvette staying sharp and stylish for years to come. Practically invisible yet completely resilient, your Vette will become immune to bugs, water, and other nuisances.Read More


West Coast Corvettes Launched Ultraguard Plus Car Covers for C7s

Protecting your C7 from the outside elements is a full-time job. Take a load off with West Coast Corvettes' new UltraGuard Plus car cover, which does its duty without ever laying a scratch on the clearcoat.Read More


Heatshield’s Sound Deadener Lineup and I-M Shield

Heatshield Products, better known for their better-made solutions to thermal insulation, have recently rolled out a a new lineup of products aimed at dampening the sounds made by your ride. New products like Sniper, Suppressor, and several team up to deliver a more enjoyable experience as you drive.Read More