Sarah Leann


Video: Sarah Leann and the Twin-Turbo Vette Back on the Track

It is with great pride that we present to you HighTechCorvette’s latest entry to the popular “hot girls riding in fast cars” series of documentary films. This next video is actually a sequel, featuring fan favorite Sarah Leann riding shotgun in a twin-turbo Corvette that is among the fastest streetcars in TeRead More


Video: The Beautiful Sarah Leann Goes for a Ride in LMR TT Corvette

We’ve seen them before; it seems as if the trend of beautiful models meeting equally beautiful, high-powered sports cars has taken off on the internet. When you throw a conveniently placed seat belt in the mix, you’ll have a viral internet hit for sure! Check out Sarah Leann in this 8-second Corvette...Read More

Braswell 4

Video: Luke Braswell Shows Us The Ins And Outs Of A Vette Photoshoot

Everybody who's into cars has taken a picture or two of their favorites. But what does it take to actually get professional results? Here's a look behind the scenes at the work that goes into getting that perfect shot.Read More

Carlisle Beauty 2

Video: The Girls Of Corvettes At Carlisle’s Beauty Contest

Corvettes At Carlisle in Carlisle, Pennsylvania is the ultimate Vette fest as-is, so how can it be made even better? By throwing in a beauty contest, of course! Read More

Leann 1

Video: LMR’s Sexy Photoshoot With Sarah Leann

This year, LMR of Houston, Texas has stunned us time and time again with one radical Vette build after the other. This time, however, they make our hearts throb with model Sarah Leann and an equally beautiful '13 ZR1. Between the two, we don't know who has the better curves. We'll let you decide!Read More