Wrecked Vette Wednesday: “Call to Schedule Your Test Drive Today!”

If you want to test drive this Z06, bring your own steering wheel, because the original one melted.Read More


Update: Impala Test Drive Gone Wrong, C7 Stingrays Fall Victim

While the seventh generation of Corvette has only been out for just under a year, that doesn't stop the redesigned coupe from dropping in a manner similar to that of winged insects.Read More


eBay Find: You’ll Pay for the C4 Corvette, but the Sob Story is Free

With six days left on the auction, two bidders have already run the price up from a starting bid of $200 to an even grand, and there's no reserve, so somebody is going to take this gem home...Read More


For Sale: C7 Stingray Only Driven Once (Through a Window)

They say that depreciation takes a huge bite off the value of a new car the moment it drives off the lot, but it's even worse when the car is driven through the showroom's front window...Read More


For Sale: 427 Convertible, Some Fire Damage, Needs Work

With a starting MSRP of just under $76k, the 427 blends the Z06's 505 horsepower LS7 with the joy of top-down motoring, or at least it does until/unless you set it on fire. Then, you end up with the unrecognizable hulk you see here.Read More


Video: Running and Driving Salvage Z06 Ready For LS7 Project Car Fun

Every time we see one of these body-less salvaged Corvettes our minds run wild with crazy project car ideas. This running and driving low mileage C6 Z06 especially got our gears turning. Step inside for all the info... Read More