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Video: Roll Racing In A Tube Chassis Nitrous Huffing ‘Vette!

From the "Never Seen That Before" files, 1320 Video brings us footage of a full-on drag car taking more traditional roll-racing rides behind the woodshed at Street Car Takeover in Oklahoma City. Check it out!Read More


Video: H8R MKR Is One Of The Baddest Street Cars In Texas

H8R MKR is no doubt one of the most popular cars of TX2K14. Check out the footage from 1320 Video of this bad machine. This thing is an absolute monster!Read More


Video: Stingray Goes Head to Head with a Slew of Imports and Exotics

What happens when the C7 Stingray gets pitted against some of the best cars the world has to offer? Will it earn the "baby supercar" title, or be an also-ran?Read More


Video: Turbo ‘Vette Versus Turbo Supra on Airstrip

Safety Moose Guy is back - this time driving his turbocharged Toyota Supra while a friend drives his turbocharged LS3 Corvette. The pair take a top-speed run down a closed airstrip. Bonus footage of a single-wing plane making a hairy landing.Read More


Video: LMR Takes Gold at Corvette Invitational

If 427 cubic inches and twin 76mm turbos weren't enough, how about nitrous oxide on top for a claimed 2,000 horsepower? We tend to believe that number...Read More


Video: Twin-Turbo LMR Corvette Wins “King of the Streets”

For the Fall 2012 "King of the Streets" roll-racing competition at the Texas Invitational, the T1 Race Development Nissan GT-R was pitted against Steven Fereday in an LMR built Corvette C6. Step inside to see how the battle from 60 MPH to well over 175 MPH unfolded between these two beasts...Read More