Rapid prototyping


Inside the SEMA Garage

Ever wonder how manufacturers develop products for new vehicles without actually having to buy or borrow them all for themselves? Here's a look at how SEMA helps the aftermarket and OEM's get together...Read More

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Behind The Scenes At Edelbrock – Free Shop Tours May 4th, 2013

Edelbrock, a legendary name in aftermarket performance, will be holding an open house on May 4, 2013. Check inside for the link to sign up for the tours - it's your chance to check out one of the coolest speed facilities on Earth.Read More


Vararam Industries Adds In-House Rapid Prototype Capabilites

Vararam recently added the ability to produce rapid 3D prototypes, and they can now design, test, and produce some of the most advanced intake systems on the market for late-model GM performance cars all under one roof. Hit the jump to watch the rapid prototype system in action. Read More