SEMA 2012: Pulstar Pulse Plug

Pulstar is a name not many people will be familiar with, but their full line of pulse spark plugs is ever growing. They currently offer a spark plug for virtually every late-model musclecar out there, and they even carry a line of spark plugs for trucks and motorcycles.Read More


Pulstar Spark Plugs Wins Major Customer Satisfaction Award

Enerpulse's Pulstar pulse plugs have been given the Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement award. That's a fancy way of saying their pulse plugs really do deliver better fuel economy and performance at a competitive price.Read More


SEMA 2011: Pulstar’s New Power Sport Plugs

Pulstar plugs are known throughout the automotive industry as a way to add horsepower and fuel mileage. They have seen such good results that, everyone has been keeping a close eye out for a Pulstar high-performance plug for quite some time. Well we got some good news at SEMA 2011! Read More