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Video: Drifting Like A Pro In C7 Power Wheels – And She’s Only Three

Watch out, Mary Pozzi - there's a three-year-old who's taking lessons from dad and she's starting to show off some mad skills in her hopped up C7 Power Wheels! Check out the drifting maneuvers this cute kid has.Read More


Video: 3 1/2-Year Old Pilots C7 Power Wheels in Awesome Donuts

Doing donuts in a Corvette is fantastic fun, but what's the equivalent of that for a 3 1/2-year old? Donuts in a C7 Power Wheels of course! Check out just how much fun it can be in this video!Read More


The Latest Corvette Power Wheels Available for Your Little Vette Fan

The brand new C7 hasn't been out long, but it's already inspiring a line of kids toys that might just be too hard for any little gearhead to pass up, including the new Barbie C7 Power Wheels!Read More


Video: Vette Versus Viper – Kid Edition

In a scaled-down version of the classic Corvette versus Viper rivalry, which will come out on top?Read More


Samantha and Emily Show How to Modify YOUR Power Wheels Corvette!

It’s not much of a leap to expect to see mechanically savvy dads (and some super-cool moms) modifying these toys to make them faster, more powerful, and just plain cooler looking, but it's even better when two adorable little girls do it themselves!Read More

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Power Wheels C7 Corvette to be Fastest Yet

For an estimated retail price of just $275, parents can live vicariously through their 3-and-up, under-65-pound kids with what Fisher-Price says will be the fastest car in the Power Wheels lineup. Read More


“Rare” Corvette Go Kart Stolen in UK, Police Turn to Public for Help

One man's trash is another man's treasure, right? That is why police in the UK are looking for a stolen C4 Corvette... go kart. It doesn't look very valuable to our untrained eyes, but maybe the thief knows something we don't? Read More


18-Month-Old Hayden Friend’s Tricked Out Power Wheels Corvette

Flashing neon lights and a killer stereo system adorn Hayden Friend’s Corvette; fortunately the 18-month-old girl does not need a driver’s license to cruise her show car around. According to Hayden’s mother, Sandra Friend her husband began planning the Power Wheels project the day the pregnancy test showed a plus.Read More