Dynamometer 101 – Spinning ‘Round the World with Dynojet

The dynamometer is the handiest tool in your toolbox - it can assist you in diagnosing many issues along with providing the real-world horsepower and torque figures your car puts to the ground. Check it out here!Read More


SEMA 2012: Chassisworks’ Single And Dual Supercharger Gear Drives

If you're looking to eliminate side loads on your crank and supercharger bearings for your Chevy small-block, big-block or LS engine, or your Ford small-block, look no further than Chassisworks’ supercharger gear drives, available in both single and dual drive configurations. Check out our SEMA coverage!Read More


SEMA 2012: Gear Vendors Under/Over-drive Goes Old School

If you're like most of the aftermarket industry, spooling along the fast lane at an uneasy high rpm for long distance drives can leave you wincing most of the trip, rather than enjoying it. Gear Vendors has cured that with their latest component, which allows manual 3-speeds to gain three extra gears!Read More


Protect Your LSx Engine with Dampers From Fluidampr

Damaging crankshaft vibration caused by performance modifications is a drag but now you can protect your Chevy LS engine with Fluidampr’s dampers for LS applications. Not only do these dampers protect your engine, they also self adjust to your modifications and continue to self-tune,leaving you with no maintenanRead More


SEMA 2011: The Mini-Lift From Hoffman Services, Inc.

Every once in a blue moon, we get blown away by an innovative idea or product. This year at the 2011 SEMA Show, we were overwhelmed by joy when we saw Hoffman Services' Mini-Lift. It's a tried and true lifting system. Our only wish was to have a suitcase big enough to bring this thing home.Read More


SEMA 2011: Eastwood’s Elite HotCoat Powder Coating Kit

The common assumption is that you have to take a product to a powder coating shop to get a high quality powder coat applied to a product. But thanks to Eastwood, you can fulfill all your powder coating needs within your own shop for less than $200. Read More


An Inside Look to How a Torque Converter is Built

Torque converters are the component that made the modern automatic transmission possible, transferring power from the engine to the rest of the drivetrain without the use of a clutch. Even though we've all used them, few of us understand what's actually going on inside or how they're built. Read More