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Polyurethane: How And Why It Provides Better Handling

Why is polyurethane "the" choice when it comes to replacing bushings, mounts, and an entire assortment of rubber parts on your vehicle? We talked to one of the leaders in the industry to find out why.Read More


PRI 2014: Driven’s Speed Lube Reduces Stickiness; Race Wax Protects

Driven Racing Oil had three new items on display at their PRI booth - Speed Lube, Race Wax, and Hydraulic Dampening Fluid. Each one has a specific purpose and has been designed to perform in demanding conditions.Read More


SEMA 2014: Penrite Now Offering Premium Motor Oils in US

Already a major player around the world, Penrite Oil is now entering the US market with a full line motor oils, lubricants, coolants and other products useful to racers and classic car owners.Read More


VP Raises The Bar With New 101 & 102 Octane Street Legal Fuels

Recently VP Racing Fuels released two new octane levels for street legal cars, in the form of their VP 101 and 102 octane fuels. They just sent over the official press release on both grades, and we have it for you here inside!Read More


Racing Oil vs. Street Oil: Know the Differences

Understanding the basics of oil formulas for both street and race engines can help engine builders make the right selection to achieve optimum performance and parts protection. EngineLabs talks with the experts at Driven Oil, Lucas Oil and Royal Purple to learn their strategies.Read More


Joe Gibbs Driven Expands Technology to Gear, Power Steering Fluids

Lessons learned from developing advanced synthetic racing oils has led Joe Gibbs Driven to formulate synthetic gear and power-steering fluids. Key to the advanced technology is using mPAO base stocks, which deliver Read More


PRI 2012: Royal Purple’s New Product Aims At Cleaner Fuel Systems

Royal Purple's new Max-Clean fuel system cleaner and stabilizer is three products in one. We got the low down on the company's latest car care product at the PRI tradeshow. Read more about it here.Read More


PRI 2012: Penrite Oil Company’s “Better Class of Oil”

The Penrite Oil Company brings 85-years of lubrication experience to their brand of oils for the global market. Find out more about Penrite's wide range of lubrication here.Read More


SEMA 2012: Brad Penn Adds Two Blends to High Performance Line

The Brad Penn line of Penn Grade 1 High Performance oils has two new viscosity blends: 5W-30 for classic engines and crate motors and SAE 60 for racing applications. Read More


SEMA 2012: Royal Purple Adds Fuel Treatment To Arsenal

If you're like most, getting your hands on the latest and greatest products this industry has to offer is what this hobby is all about. Royal Purple has just launched an all-new fuel treatment system for your daily driver or project vehicle. We caught up with Royal to get the inside scoop. Read to find out more!Read More