Pebble Beach


1962 Corvette Recovered In One Piece (Mostly)

Four classic Chevrolets, including a 1962 Corvette, were pilfered during the Pebble Beach event weekend. Thankfully, the Corvette was found, a little worse for wear.Read More


The $2 Million Laraki Epitome Is Basically A 1,750 Horsepower ‘Vette

The latest entrant into this elite hypercar club is the Laraki Epitome, a $2 million, 1,750 horsepower concept that makes extensive use of carbon fiber and other exotic materials. And it's based on the C6 'Vette.Read More


50’s Bel-Air Fins Meets Corvette C6

This custom 2008 Corvette C6 is certainly an oddball combination of a modern American sports cars and cherry-picked features from the late 1950s Chevrolets. This Corvette will be up for auction at Mecum’s Pebble Beach auction in August, though it will take a special kind of buyer to want this 'Vette.Read More