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Video: Watch A Supra And A C6 Do A Little Misbehavin’ In The Snow

As gearheads, sometimes we just get in the mood for something short, sweet and badass. Whilst searching to satisfy this craving, we came across this video and we think it scratches that itch pretty well.Read More

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Video: Mud-bogging C3 Corvette Will Make Purists Cringe

Chevrolet produced almost half a million C3 Corvettes. They're far from rare and seem to be a prime target for crazy builds. Like this gigantic monster truck with Stingray body. Oh boy...Read More

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SEMA Ignited, The Party After The Show, Is Back And Better Than Ever

If you've ever wanted to go to the SEMA show but couldn't, or if you've needed a good reason to go, check out SEMA Ignited. The Show after the show! Read more here for a promotional discount to the event.Read More


PRI 2014: Fluidampr Products For Nearly Any Performance Application

The benefit of a Fluidampr viscous damper for any engine build, whether it be musclecar, turbodiesel, sport compact, street or off-road, is essential stability and protection of your investment. Read more here!Read More


SEMA 2014: Painless Performance Shows Off Chevy, Jeep Electronics

Painless Performance brought along some sweet solutions to problems surrounding first-gen Camaros and late model Jeeps. See more inside.Read More


SEMA 2014: Cooper Tire Handles the Highway and Beyond

Are you driving on a tire that makes sense for the way you actually use your vehicle? Are you white-knuckling it every time it rains? Does your vision blur from vibration once you hit the interstate?Read More


SEMA 2014: Optima has a Battery for Everyone, and a Great Idea

We talked to the folks at Optima Batteries about appropriate choices for off-road vehicles and got some good advice. Even better, we heard about a really great idea for an off-road vehicle event. Check it out!Read More


Need A Gift For Father’s Day? This Year, Try OPTIMA Batteries

Father's Day is fast approaching, and you're out of ideas for a gift. This year, give Dad something he'll get a kick out of with OPTIMA's top-notch battery chargers, the Digital 400 and Digital 1200.Read More


Video: Ford-Powered C3 Corvette Mud Bogger Defines the Word “Wrong”

Can "wrong" ever be "right"? Most Corvette enthusiasts would look at this mud bogger built by Gameover Motorsports and have an instinctual aversion to it, even before they find out that it's Ford-powered...Read More


Video: Vintage Rally Corvette Gets Another Shakedown Run

Tachyon Racing, based in the Netherlands, is a team of speed freaks with a Corvette addiction, and their East African Safari Rally replica Corvette Grand Sport remains among our favorite vintage racers.Read More

LPE 900HP Engine-4x

Lingenfelter Now Offers 900 Horsepower Crate Engines

Lingenfelter has decided to expand its standard crate-engine product line to include one that kicks out a whopping 900 horsepower. This sweetheart will be an off-the-shelf, stocked product.Read More


SCT Now Offering Custom Tuning Certification Via Online Course

If you have always wanted to become a certified SCT Custom Tuner but haven't been able to make it to Florida for the tuning courses, there's good news. We have the details on how to take them from your shop.Read More


SEMA 2013: Mantic Clutch Recognized for Excellence

You may have seen it before - a clutch that comes in a case that looks like it might very well hold the launch codes for America's nuclear arsenal. That's one of Mantic Clutch's trademark touches...Read More


SEMA 2013: EBC Brakes’ New Pads For Light Duty And Racing Vehicles

EBC Brakes has two fresh offerings for folks of the light duty and racing persuasions with their new Extra Duty and Orangestuff brake pads. Trucks, street, and street/strip applications - check it out.Read More


Video: Grand Sport Corvette Replica Meets Dirt!

Some things seem like a natural fit: peanut butter and jelly. However, seeing a Corvette (a Corvette Grand Sport replica, to be exact) speed, slip and slide its way through some serious dirt roads should make Corvette fans sit up and take notice.Read More


C3 Corvette 4×4 Could Be Yours…

This particular Corvette solves the worries inherent to driving a low-slung sports car by taking a C3 body and perching it on top of modified truck running gear that offers enough ground clearance to hop curbs, fire hydrants, and baby strollers without scratching the paint.Read More