Is This the Only New Old Stock Rochester Fuel Injection Unit Left?

For someone looking to restore a carb-converted factory fuelie, even at almost $19 grand this Rochester mechanical fuel injection setup might be the investment of a lifetime...Read More


Corvette Central Introduces CC Swap Meet for Original Corvette Parts

If you're looking for high quality survivor and original Corvette parts, quit wasting your time on the forums and local swap meets. Corvette Central has a new website that aims to be the online home for these parts.Read More


Holley Brands Celebrate 195 Years Of Power With Free Stuff!

Three of Holley Performance's top brands are celebrating a combined 195 years of making cars go faster. Instead of throwing themselves a big birthday bash, they would rather share a few presents with their fellow gearheads. Step inside to find out how you you can get your hands on some free goodies! Read More


The Secrets of Spray Revealed by Nitrous Express

Nothing builds confidence like knowledge, and Nitrous Express has made it easy to increase your understanding of how nitrous oxide can be used safely and effectively, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Read More

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Holley Performance YouTube Page Offers NOS Tips ‘n’ Tricks

When it comes to bolt-on supremacy, there's no denying the instant power and reliability from a simple nitrous oxide kit to your current project car or daily driver. To combat some myths of operation and installation, NOS created 18 in-depth NOS videos to help educate current and potential users on the subject!Read More


Video: LMR Takes Gold at Corvette Invitational

If 427 cubic inches and twin 76mm turbos weren't enough, how about nitrous oxide on top for a claimed 2,000 horsepower? We tend to believe that number...Read More


Video: VTG’s Insane Turbocharged C3 Runs Eights In Hungary

This last August, we covered the awesome turbo and nitrous-fed C3 creation of Poland's VTG. Stuck on top of a solid truck frame with a Syclone/Typhoon front clip, VTG's fast Vette is seen in our featured clip pulling an 8.09 pass at nearly 200 miles per hour at Hungary's Kiscunlachaza Airport!Read More